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3 Looks for Work You’ll Want to Wear at Home

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With remote work and flexible schedules remaining commonplace, many of us are chronically on the hunt for professional looks that also meet our needs for our personal time—namely, comfort.  We want game-changing attire to move flawlessly between personal and professional spheres, with no sacrifice of style nor comfort. Changing from Clark Kent into Superman has become impractical; we’re both at the same time. If we can do it all, our clothes should too, right? In this article, we’ll explore three stylish-yet-comfortable staples that are perfect for a seamless crossover when work and home collide.

But First…The Fabric 

Comfort is essential, and the right fabrics can make all the difference. That’s why you keep reaching for the same ol’ clothes in your closet made from soft, breathable materials with a touch of stretch. Rather than wearing your old favorites on repeat, be on the lookout for new favs in fabrics like cotton, jersey, and blends with spandex. These will keep you comfortable and presentable throughout the day, whether you’re in meetings or answering emails from your sofa.

The Cozy Coatigan

How much would you love a versatile piece of clothing that combines the coziness of a cardigan with the structure of a coat? The “coatigan” is the answer to your fashion prayers

Just as it sounds, the coatigan is a clever fusion of two wardrobe essentials. The result is a comfortable, versatile, and stylish piece of outerwear that effortlessly bridges the gap between cozy and professional.

Why we love them:

  • Comfort: One of the primary features that makes the coatigan a beloved piece of clothing is its unparalleled comfort. Made from soft, cozy materials like wool, cashmere, or blends, it feels like wrapping yourself in a warm hug. The loose, relaxed fit ensures you can move with ease throughout the day.
  • Structure: Unlike a traditional cardigan—or its distant cousin, the tattered bathrobe—the coatigan offers structure, making it ideal for professional settings. It often has a tailored silhouette, with elements such as lapels, buttons, and pockets that give it a coat-like appearance. This structured design allows it to seamlessly transition from casual to formal occasions.
  • Warmth: Coatigans provide an extra layer of warmth that can be essential during the colder months or for the air-conditioned office. Stay snug and cozy without compromising on style. Experiment with layering by adding scarves, shawls, or turtlenecks under your coatigan to create different looks.
  • Versatility: As mentioned, these versatile pieces can be worn throughout the year. You can layer them over lighter tops in spring and summer and pair them with sweaters in fall and winter. This adaptability makes them a go-to choice for creating comfortable professional looks in any season.
  • Saves Time: When you’re running late or can’t decide what to wear, the coatigan can be your savior. Throw it on, and you’ll look great without much effort.
  • Easy to Mix and Match: Paired with basics, its classic design makes it easy to mix and match with various pieces from your existing wardrobe.

How we style them—looks for work and more:

  • Office Chic: For a polished office look, opt for a neutral-colored coatigan. Pair it with smart slacks, a crisp button-up blouse, and classic pumps. Adding a statement belt can create a defined waistline, elevating the overall look. 
  • Business Casual: If your workplace leans towards the business casual side, consider a mid-length coatigan. Combine it with a stylish midi skirt or well-fitted jeans and ankle boots. Finish the look with a tasteful necklace and a tote bag for a touch of elegance.
  • Meetings and Presentations: When you need to make a statement at a meeting or presentation, choose a structured coatigan in a bold color or pattern. Team it with a sheath dress, sleek heels, and minimalistic jewelry for a confident, professional appearance.
  • Work from Home: Pair your coatigan with dark jeans, a simple tee, and sneakers or loafers. This outfit will keep you comfortable while still feeling put together.
  • Dinner Out: If you have evening plans, your coatigan can easily transition to a chic dinner outfit. Layer it over a stylish dress, add some statement accessories, and opt for a heel to complete your elegant ensemble.
  • Weekend Brunch: The beauty of the coatigan is its ability to be effortlessly casual. Wear it over leggings or skinny jeans and ankle boots for a laid-back weekend brunch look.

The coatigan is a true gem. It combines comfort and style in a way that few other garments can. From the office to casual outings and everything in between, the coatigan has you covered. With its comfort, structure, warmth, and versatility, it’s the ideal choice for women who want to create comfortable, professional looks that look polished.

The Effortless Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have undeniably secured a special place in our hearts. These one-piece wonders are cherished for a multitude of reasons that extend beyond just their aesthetic appeal, prompting a remarkable revival in the fashion world. They’re incredibly easy to wear, facilitating a smooth transition from work to home while keeping you comfortable and fashion-forward.

Why we love them:

  • Ultimate Comfort: Jumpsuits reign supreme in the realm of comfort. Crafted with a focus on ease of wear, they are designed to provide a sense of unrestricted movement. Unlike coordinating separates that might require constant adjustments, jumpsuits offer an all-in-one solution. With their relaxed fit and choice of breathable fabrics, you can move gracefully throughout your day with zero constraints. 
  • Effortless Style: Jumpsuits effortlessly embody style, making them an ideal choice for the image-conscious. Whether you prefer a structured look or lean towards a relaxed and flowy aesthetic, jumpsuits are available in a plethora of styles to cater to your unique tastes. It’s this effortless blend of comfort and style that keeps us enamored.
  • Quick and Easy: The convenience factor of jumpsuits cannot be overstated. When in doubt or in a rush, a jumpsuit is a quick and easy solution. There’s no need to ponder over coordinating tops and bottoms; you simply slip into your jumpsuit, and you’re ready to go. 
  • Professional Elegance: Jumpsuits have a sleek and sophisticated look, making you appear put-together without the fuss. You can elevate your jumpsuit with blazers, cardigans, or belts to create an office-ready look.
  • Work-from-Home Savior: Jumpsuits come to the rescue with their unmatched versatility, offering a perfect solution for maintaining a polished appearance while working from the comfort of your home. They ensure you look presentable for impromptu video meetings and remain comfortable throughout the day. Jumpsuits are equally stylish and appropriate for those post-work social engagements or a few quick errands.
  • All-Season Attire: Another reason for our love affair with jumpsuits is their adaptability across seasons. Whether it’s a breezy summer day or a chilly winter evening, there’s a jumpsuit for every climate. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are ideal for hot weather, while layering options and long-sleeve designs are perfect for winter.
  • Diverse Occasion Suitability: Jumpsuits easily transition from day to night and from casual to formal occasions. They are chameleonic in their ability to fit any event. By simply changing your choice of accessories and footwear, you can transform a great jumpsuit from a laid-back daytime look to a sophisticated evening outfit. A single jumpsuit can serve multiple purposes in your wardrobe, but why stop at just one? Keep an endless supply coming by renting them.
  • Effortless Chic: The innate chicness of jumpsuits is captivating. With clean lines, they offer a canvas for personal expression. You can choose to accessorize with belts, scarves, statement jewelry, or footwear to showcase your unique style. This effortless chic quality makes jumpsuits an essential garment for every fashion-conscious woman.

How we style them—looks for work and more:

  • Casual Chic: Pair your jumpsuit with white sneakers or slip-on shoes for a laid-back, casual look, or add a denim jacket for an extra layer and cool, casual vibe. Consider keeping accessories simple with a crossbody bag and stud earrings.
  • Elegant Evening: Choose a jumpsuit in a sleek, dark color like black or navy and pair with heels or strappy sandals to elevate the look. Accessorize with statement jewelry, like a bold necklace or chandelier earrings. A clutch purse will seal the deal for a formal look.
  • Bohemian Beauty: Opt for a wide-legged, flowy jumpsuit in a floral or boho print, paired with flat sandals or ankle boots for a relaxed, bohemian feel. Top it off with a wide-brimmed hat, layered bracelets, and a fringed crossbody bag.
  • Workwear Wonder: Choose a solid-colored jumpsuit in a professional fabric like linen or crepe. Experiment with adding a belt to define your waist and to create a more structured silhouette. If you want to play it safe, wear closed-toe heels or loafers for a polished office look. Finish the look with a structured tote bag and subtle jewelry.
  • Sporty Style: Opt for a sporty jumpsuit in a material like jersey or nylon, worn with sneakers and a baseball cap for an athleisure look. For added sporty flair, layer with a zip-up hoodie or a bomber jacket. Minimal accessories like a backpack and a watch work well with this style.
  • Layered Look: Wear a jumpsuit as a base and layer it with a t-shirt or a turtleneck underneath. Add a long cardigan or duster coat (or, dare we suggest a coatigan?) over the jumpsuit for warmth and style. Complete the look with ankle boots or chunky sneakers. Statement accessories, like a belt or chunky jewelry, can add personality to this style.

Jumpsuits are a game-changer. Their wearability is unrivaled. From professional looks for work at the office to cozy evenings at home, jumpsuits offer comfort, versatility, and style in a single package. Plus, they are a fashion staple with enduring appeal.

The Hard-Working Shift Dress

The shift dress, with her timeless design, has graced the fashion scene for decades. A relaxed fit offers comfort and freedom of movement, while the no-fuss silhouette exudes professionalism. To transition from work to home, you can simply swap your heels for cozy slippers, making it an ideal choice for those long workdays.

Why we love them:

  • Office-Ready: The simple structure and comfortable fit of a shift dress allows for an office-ready look without feeling restricted. They’re an elegant alternative to traditional looks for work.
  • Versatile Styling: Shift dresses can be paired with blazers, cardigans, or belts to create a polished, sophisticated look. Reinvent the whole look with a change from heels to boots or sneakers. Your shift dress will adjust beautifully.
  • Time-Saving: The simplicity of the shift dress means you can skip the hassle of coordinating separate pieces in the morning. Slip into the dress and out the door.
  • Breathable Fabrics: Shift dresses are abundant in breathable materials like cotton, linen, or jersey, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.
  • No Constrictive Waistbands: Any garment that can pull off a sophisticated look without a waistband deserves a special place in our closets and in our hearts. Go on, eat carbs for lunch and continue to move freely all afternoon.
  • Perfect Fit: This silhouette is designed to flatter. If a one-size-fits-most style exists, this is it. You can play with proportion by adding different layering pieces, high or low footwear, or a belt. Because the shift dress works for many body types, it’s a good style to try if you’re new to renting.

How we style them—looks for work and more:

  • Street Style: Layer a leather or denim jacket over your shift dress for an edgy street-style look. Complete the outfit with chunky combat boots and a beanie. Belt bags or crossbody purses are on-trend for this look. 
  • Easy Peasy: Layer a simple white T-shirt or a fitted turtleneck underneath the shift dress for a casual look. Add sneakers or ankle boots for a comfortable and stylish outfit. A belt works with this look if you wish to define your waist and add some dimension.
  • Boho Vibes: Yes, you can go boho in a shift dress! Pair it with a chunky cardigan or a lightweight kimono, and kick it off with suede ankle boots. Not boho enough? Accessorize with layered necklaces and a floppy hat.
  • Wedding Guest Glam: Dress up your shift dress for a special occasion with heels or stilettos. Add a statement clutch and some elegant jewelry, like eye-catching earrings or a bold bracelet. 
  • Office Elegance: If your workplace skews more on the side of traditional, combine your shift dress with a well-fitting blazer and pumps for a polished office look. Keep the accessories minimal and sophisticated with a sleek tote bag and stud earrings.
  • Resort Ready: Going on vacation? Lucky! Wear your shift dress as a beach cover-up or resort outfit. Add a wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses, and comfortable sandals. Keep it light and airy with minimal jewelry and a straw tote bag.

With their timeless design and adaptability, the shift dress remains one of our beloved looks for work for women who appreciate both elegance and ease. Their adaptability means you don’t need a complete wardrobe change when floating between work and home.

Final Thought

Simplicity is your ally in discovering new go-to styles. Layer up and accessorize as needed. Quality fabric, too, plays a significant role in ensuring your clothing looks fresh all day and remains comfortable.
Comfort and style are not mutually exclusive. Achieving professional looks for work that are comfortable enough to wear at home is entirely feasible. To that end, we’ve put together a collection of these versatile favorites, available for rent at Armoire. Yes, we can have it all.

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