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5 Summer Styles for Your Curated Closet

Summer is coming at us quickly, and I bet many boss ladies are looking forward to planning your next vacation! A perfect time to alleviate some stress and reward yourself for the boss lady you are. Time off is proven to be effective in bettering one’s health. Forbes reports five different reasons why taking vacations are good for a worker’s well being: increases mindfulness, improves heart health, reduces stress, boosts brain power, and improves sleep. All the more reason to book your next getaway! 

Whether you are planning a tropical getaway or an exciting adventure through a new town, we can all agree that finding styles for your vacation is one of the most exciting, yet time consuming parts of vacation preparation–especially the dreaded overpacking ordeal. In fact, Daily Mail reports that 91% of women admitted they don’t wear every item of clothing they take on vacation. That’s a lot of wasted baggage space! The extensive portion of women who overpack is indicative of the common tendencies women have when packing for their time off. So, what’s the answer to the overpacking nightmare while still packing styles you’re excited for? 

Try curating a closet perfect for your vacation wardrobe when you rent from Armoire!

With Armoire, packing light has never been easier. You choose styles that align with your personal style (or maybe some that are even out of your comfort zone) and Armoire’s expert stylists curate a wardrobe tailored for you! Pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, you name it. You’ll have a perfect vacation wardrobe ready for you without the hassle. You can find styles that fit your vacation aesthetic and are suitable for the activities you have planned during your getaway with a range of style options. 

Regardless of where or how you plan to vacation, your style should express your desire to relax, unwind and show off your fierceness! Vacation outfits can be your way to step outside of your comfort zone and try pieces that you normally would shy away from.

Not sure what your vacation aesthetic is yet? No problem, boss lady! Here are 5 different options for you to try on your next vacation. 

1. Floral ANYTHING

During your getaway, floral is your best friend. On any piece, floral brings out your fun and flirty side! Floral print is summer’s favorite pattern and will never go out of style–from dresses to tanks, this pattern is a go to for your vacation outfit. To keep your outfit lively but fitting for a possible dinner outing, try a muted floral print on pants. Taking a trip down to the beach? Try out a vibrant color with a unique twist to the classic floral print. 

2. Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are a good way to incorporate that summer style while staying comfortable. They come in different styles and flatter a variety of different body types. Midi skirts can be worn dressed up or dressed down making them the perfect piece to stay relaxed and fashionable this summer.

3. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are famous for being a staple summer piece. Fittingly, the maxi dress is not just a trendy style, the silhouette is ideal on any body type. Maxi dresses have a breezy feel, giving the ultimate vacation look. With an endless rotation of styles, you will always have a new maxi dress style to try. 

4. Loose Fitted Shorts

Loose fitted shorts are the perfect variation of the classic summer jean shorts. This contemporary style is excellent for any activities you have planned for your getaway. This style can be paired with a multitude of different tops to cater to your personal style while keeping your outfit trendy and chic. The loose style adds an elevation to your outfit because of the casual yet sophisticated look.

5. Rompers

Keeping with the loose fitting silhouettes, rompers are the ideal summer piece. Rompers are breathable, nonetheless still flatter your shape that falls effortlessly on your physique. Rompers are an underrated style, a trouble-free piece to slip on while still being fashionable. Perfect for vacation.

Take some time to relax on vacation this summer! It’s not only something to look forward to, but it’s proven to help you as a boss lady become more efficient and healthy! When you’re planning your outfits for your next getaway, try bold styles outside of your comfort zone! Conquer your vacation through expressing your fun and adventurous side, and this starts with your impeccable vacay outfit!

 While on vacation, strut in style with a curated on the go closet made just for you! Take our style quiz today!


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