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6 free courses to help you upskill (and feel super-clever)

We all know upskilling is important, but it can be hard to find the resources (or time!) to do it. In a recent Masterclass Online, Amy Robson and Carla Cook from Adobe shared why storytelling + data = magic, which left us with some juicy takeaways … and did you know Skill Finder (powered by a bunch of tech legends, including Adobe) has a slew of free courses on everything from business growth to social-media mastery? The lessons are perfect to inhale during your lunch break or on your commute (if you still have one!). We’ve rounded up the top six courses to sink your teeth into.

1. Personal Branding

A powerful personal brand proves your value, whether you’re a business owner, sole trader or employee. Brought to you by Canva and run by award-winning personal-brand consultant Dr Talaya Waller, you’ll learn how to really stand out, connect with your audience and pitch yourself, as well as the secrets to a slick CV, logo and business card and why you need a personal media kit. Enrol here.

2. Four Steps to a Growth Mindset

Brought to you by Accenture, this bite-size lesson is perfect to snack on if you’re short on time. You’ll explore how to develop and maintain your growth mindset with a four-step strategy, what it means to have grit, and how and when to use the four steps in your own life. Enrol here.

3. Basic Principles of Design

Whether you’re a business owner, aspiring designer or just want to know the basics, understanding the fundamentals of good design is an invaluable skill. In this Adobe course, you’ll learn the basic principles of design, what good design looks like, and get hot tips from experienced design professionals. It takes five hours, but at the end of it, you’ll score a digital badge and certificate for five hours of accredited professional learning. Wahoo! Enrol here.

4. Content Marketing Foundations

Brought to you by LinkedIn, expert marketing consultant Brian Honigman will talk you through content marketing concepts and benefits, and give you a step-by-step strategy, including how to create a content plan, choose content types and develop an editorial calendar. You’ll also learn how to write, edit and design content, as well as how to choose the right mix of content and curate it for maximum impact. You can breeze through it in an hour, and you’ll get a LinkedIn Learning Certificate at the end, too. Enrol here.

5. Growing Your Business

Brought to you by Xero, you can read this one online (perfect if you’ve forgotten your AirPods!). It comes with a business-growth checklist to see if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, and explains what to do before growing your business, the different stages of business growth, how to write a business-development plan and tips for increasing sales and expanding into new markets. Grab it here.

6. Becoming an Experience Business

The big challenge facing every business today is that people buy experiences, not products. So how can you deliver relevant and engaging experiences across every customer interaction? This short course, brought to you by Adobe, will teach you how. Perfect for digital marketers or business owners, you’ll learn how to drive customer loyalty and understand your customer through unifying data, content and workflows. Enrol here.


Skill Finder offer over 1000 free courses from providers including Adobe, LinkedIn, HubSpot, Google and Facebook. Get started now.

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