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An evening with UQ Business School

Earlier in the month, we headed back into the classroom to hear from UQ Business School’s Dr Adam A. Kay followed by getting our networking on with a good ol’ fashioned BC Networking Night. 

Missed out? 

Lucky for you we’re excellent note-takers and we jotted down some key points from Dr Adam’s presentation and have shared them below … 

Psychological Safety in the workplace 

Dr Adam spoke to the idea of psychological safety in the workplace, which is a shared belief that the work environment is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. 

The benefits of employees feeling psychologically safe include: 

  • Collaboration + helping 
  • Voice + creativity 
  • Experimenting + learning
  • Trust + team performance 
  • A leader sets the tone (Edmondson, 1999) 

How can you improve Psychological Safety in the workplace?

Dr Adam told us the best way to improve Psychological Safety in the workplace is through Online Mindfulness Training (OMT). 

OMT has numerous benefits including: 

  • Lowering anxiety and stress (Wolever et al. 2012) 
  • Improving resilience at work (Aikens et al., 2014) 
  • Improving conflict management (Kay & Skarlicki, 2020) 
  • Fostering psychological wellbeing (Kay & Young, 2022) 

What is OMT? 

OMT can be anything from logging onto your Calm App and losing yourself in a guided meditation or listening to a sleep playlist as you drift off to sleep.  

All these things can help contribute to helping you become a mindful leader. 

Outcomes of Mindful Leadership 

Mindful leadership has been linked to many outcomes, including: 

  • Psychological health 
  • Citizenship behaviours 
  • Deviance + conflict 
  • Trust in team + leader 
  • Psychological safety 
  • Org. commit. + job satisfaction
  • Burnout + turnover intentions 
  • Engagement + performance 
  • Over-and-above other leadership styles 

To learn more about the amazing work UQ Business School is doing, click here! 

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