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Armoire’s New Parental Leave Policy

For those of you that know Armoire—whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are a new member—you know that we like to live what we preach. We are proudly POC-woman led, LGBTQIA+ friendly, pro-work-life balance, sustainability obsessed, and believe that a happy employee makes for a happy Armoire. We made it through the last 16 months with support from people like YOU, and we’re so thankful that you believe in us and have helped us to not only survive, but GROW during a worldwide pandemic. 

If you haven’t seen our latest announcement on LinkedIn, we have a little surprise arriving in fall 2021, which spurred us to rethink our parental leave policy – to align with who we are as a company. Parental leave policies are traditionally “use it or lose it”, omitting a rational option for a parent who wishes to return to work quicker than the timeline specified by a company’s parental leave policy. In Armoire’s ongoing quest to support the professional woman, we’re focusing on extending our maternity benefits to include a more inclusive definition of “motherhood” by offering a flexible financial benefit that can be consumed either by our employees, or redirected to a paid caregiver.

Armoire is proud to support our families by sharing the financial impact of a new child for the first 12-16 weeks of the baby’s life. Our employees can take advantage of this benefit via paid medical and/or bonding leave—which, for Washington employees, is generously supplemented by the PFML—and/or a paid childcare stipend. The intent of this policy is to provide flexible options for our employees to create an environment where a new child and her caregivers can thrive.

We hope that other companies will take note of this expanding definition of parenthood to include a “village” beyond the birthing parent.

Read the full policy here.

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