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Business Chicks 2021 + me

At Business Chicks, we’re not big on the ‘new year, new you’ stuff. After all, the current you is pretty excellent. You’ve nearly made it through a global pandemic. You’ve possibly home-schooled your kids while holding down a job, or managed a team from a squishy spare bedroom, or survived the loneliness of lockdown on your own. And even if you haven’t nailed anything, so what? You still deserve a massive, hand-sanitised pat on the back simply for surviving 2020.

But what we are big on is new ways to live better. To feel like we’re in control of our lives; to feel calm, productive and have energy for all the things we really want to do. And that’s what 2021 needs, because we’re all feeling a bit depleted right now – and burnout is so 2020.

We’re pumped to be bringing you a brand-spankin’-new five-part virtual event series, 2021 + me, to set yourself up for the year and find smarter ways of working and living.

It all kicks off in February (after you have some much-deserved downtime and cocktails in the sun, we hope). You’ll be able to tune in each week live, or each session will be available for two weeks to watch at your leisure. Our early-bird pricing runs out on 31 December (this would make a great gift for someone who needs a boost – just saying), and our Premium members get a juicy discount, of course.

One ticket, five brilliant speakers, countless learnings: this is your all-inclusive toolkit to create an action plan and tackle the year head-on – without burnout.

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