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Business Chicks LEAD Program

The leadership program you’ve been waiting for

At Business Chicks we want to see women in leadership at every level. We want you to be a leader, well like … you, and want to equip you with the skills, capabilities, connections, and support you need to do that. Together with the expert team at Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA) we bring you LEAD, a program committed to helping women on their leadership journeys.

We’ve created two cutting-edge leaderships programs; EMERGING and EXECUTIVE.

What you won’t get is a boring, dry learning environment where you’ll be told you need to be more … confident. LEAD combines professional 1:1 coaching, psychometric diagnostics, and dynamic learning activities. It’s intimate and personal and you get to do it with a bunch of other brilliant women who’re leaders, or aspiring to be, across the most diverse industries.

The interactive programs are delivered by some of the country’s best leadership experts and organisational psychologists. The content is based not only on the most respected leadership studies and practices, but also reflects the specific priorities women shared with us through our own research.

The LEAD programs are delivered entirely online – learn and lead from anywhere.

Leveraging a market-leading technology-based platform, this program delivers deep value through a series of interactive masterclasses, group coaching circles, and 1:1 coaching over a number of weeks, giving you time to reflect on what you’ve learnt and apply it to real life situations.

Wrapped around CLA’s content is all the warmth and connection of the Business Chicks community. So, as well as learning the tools and skills needed to be a successful leader, you’ll continue to be supported post-program through membership in a community that wants the best for you; and we know how truly important that is.

About our delivery partners, CLA

Centre for Leadership Advantage (CLA) partners with individuals and businesses to help them succeed through leadership. As organisational psychologists with deep expertise in the scientific basis of leadership, CLA provides deep leadership insight and develops valuable leadership skills for application in the real world. CLA’s highly regarded consulting team have experience in both advisory and industry, across ASX-listed, private, not for profit and government organisations.

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