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Embracing Brand and Purpose with Cassandra France and UQ Business School


Thursday 22 June 12pm – 1pm AEST


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‘Embracing Brand and Purpose’

To get ahead, more and more brands are turning to social purpose as a way to stand out and to differentiate themselves. Some of the most successful brands in the world – whether they’re global or niche – understand the of embracing brand purpose. As the practice grows, it becomes more important to understand how purpose can be authentically aligned to brand values. From CSR to brand activism, these purpose tools allow brands to better contribute to society. It is useful to understand how they influence stakeholder perceptions of, and relationships with, the brand and how they can help you bring a purpose to your mission and make a difference at the same time.

This informative session will be presented by Dr Cassandra France, Lecturer in Marketing for UQ Business School. We’ll deep dive into why this practice is important, and how the best brands in the world use it as a marketing weapon. You’ll learn more about the tools brands use to embrace a social purpose and how to successfully implement purpose, as well as the outcomes of successful brand purpose strategy.




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