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From Instagram SEO to TikTok – the social media marketing trends for 2021

We cannot deny that 2020 pushed all of us off track in some way or another.

Rather than ruminate on what we could or should have done, let us look to the new year and come up with a social media marketing strategy that will see you going strong not just in 2021, but for years to come.

Social media algorithms are constantly changing, so it is vital to keep up to date on marketing trends that will give us the best results.

With algorithms and trends in mind, here are six elements that are essential to social media marketing success in 2021 and beyond.

1. Video marketing

Video marketing has really grown in popularity over the last year or so, and for good reason.

Videos allow your client base to see the more human side of your business, such as behind the scenes footage of you going about your day, as well as valuable educational and instructional content in short, easy to manage clips.

This kind of content has taken the world by storm, with video app Tik Tok boasting around 800 million active users, while Instagram has a staggering one billion users on its platform.

With numbers like this, the potential to be seen cannot be ignored.

By making use of video options such as stories, reels and live video streams, 2021 is the year to start experimenting with video as a means of building connections with your target market.

2. Instagram SEO

Instagram is so big it could be considered a search engine in and of itself.

Today, there is potential to incorporate SEO into your Instagram content, as image captions have now become searchable, giving you a good chance at increasing your visibility.

This means that you no longer need to put all your key words into a hashtag format, as typing a term in the Instagram search bar will yield relevant videos, posts and profiles.

This change puts more emphasis on your post copy, making it more important than ever to have well written captions that contain key words relevant to your business and the audience you are trying to attract.

3. Facebook ads

With the increase of e-commerce, it is only natural that Facebook ads are becoming more important than ever.

The Facebook algorithm is incredibly accurate, making it easier to optimise your campaigns and reach the right people, so by taking your customers journey into consideration, Facebook ads can be an effective way to attract more clients and give your brand more exposure.

Can your product or service solve a problem or make someone’s life easier? Facebook ads are the perfect platform to show people why they absolutely need what you are offering.

By emphasising how your product or service can be helpful to people, you will be able to create eye catching, effective advertising, rather than just showing a picture of your product and hoping someone sees it.

Facebook ads are becoming more cost effective as other companies reign in their advertising spending, meaning now is a good time to take advantage of lower ad costs.

It is important to do your research and work out a marketing strategy that will work for your client base, budget and overall marketing goal, as well as ensuring your ads are optimised for mobile as people spend more time on their phones.

4. Social shopping

In 2020, many businesses were forced to focus more on online shopping as the pandemic caused lockdowns and shop closures around the world.

It wasn’t just physical goods that were being purchased online, but fitness classes, language classes and even financial consultations all being made to purchase and view online.

Online shopping is thriving and will continue to grow in 2021, so it is important that businesses continue to focus on e-commerce.

Make sure your marketing reflects your businesses e-commerce goals and do your research. Conduct surveys to see what your audiences wants and needs are around your product or service, and adapt your marketing and content strategies to meet those needs.

5. Build an engaging community

This is nothing new, but as people became physically isolated, they turned online to find connections.

By creating a sense of community around your content, you will not only attract potential customers and clients, but also offer them a sense of community where they can engage with your brand and connect with each other.

This also ties in with video marketing, so you might consider creating short videos teaching your audience something about your industry or offering tutorials where they can make something of their own and share it with others.

A sense of community is valuable and something businesses cannot afford to overlook.

6. Humanise

It is a known fact that people like to buy from other people. Therefore, creating an honest, transparent and authentic brand is essential.

By showing the human side of your brand, you instantly become more relatable, memorable and trustworthy to your audience.

Creating this sense of familiarity will help build a bond with your audience as well as creating a sense of community around your brand.

The important thing here is to be genuine. People can see through a façade, so by being your true, authentic self, your following will gather.


The underlying theme for social media marketing in 2021 is connection and honesty.

By creating videos to share with your audience, writing good captions, investing in Facebook ads all while showing the human side of your business, you stand to have a great chance of success not just this year, but for years to come.


Fernanda Alberici is a Business Chicks Premium member and the Founder of FAB Marketing, a digital marketing agency dedicated to supporting women in business. Want some more advice on building your brand on social media? Visit to check out their blog or to join their free Facebook Ads Video Training.


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