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‘Give VOICE to your business’ with Sally Prosser

Give VOICE to your business!


Your business doesn’t speak for itself – YOU speak for your business. From social media to sales calls to networking events to podcasts to the virtual and physical stages of the world – the amplification of your magic… begins with the vibration of your vocal cords.

Mastering your soul voice is the easiest and most effective way to create magnetic connection with dream clients – largely without spending a cent!

In this masterclass, international voice and public speaking coach Sally Prosser will teach you the simple steps you can take to access your vocal power and speak in a way that makes people go “woah – who is that and what is she selling?!”

Feeling confident and capable to express yourself through your voice pays off in every single conversation. It truly is a life skill that shows up not only in your business, but in your relationships, your health and your emotional wellbeing. The skills you learn in this session can be implemented immediately, and if you’ve never done any kind of voice and speaking training your mind will be blown. Don’t choke on your salad sandwich!

You’ll learn:

  • How to access your vocal power – so you can feel proud of the way you speak. We’ll do live group voice exercises on the call!

  • The key question to ask yourself to keep your voice and content aligned and true to you.

  • The number one antidote to public speaking nerves – works every time.

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