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How to fall in love with change


Tuesday 8 December 12:00pm-1:00pm AEDT (And available for four weeks after for ticket holders)


Free for Premium members | Free for Masterclass Pass holders | $24.95 non-members

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Masterclass Online

All of our Masterclasses are recorded and available for four weeks, so if you can’t make it live, register anyway we’ll sent you the video later.

As humans, many of us find change difficult. In fact, we’re hardwired to resist it. Part of the brain – the amygdala – interprets change as a threat and activates our fight-or-flight response. Our body tries to protect us from change and keep us all cushy and warm in a safe place (possibly watching The Crown from under a doona).    

Change can bring feelings of anxiety, distress, and discomfort – and, for lots of us, 2020 has brought all that and more. But what if you could actually learn to embrace change – and even get excited about it?    

Kelly Brown is on a mission to make you fall in love with change, whether you’re implementing it or on the receiving end of it. In this Masterclass Online, you’ll learn:

  • How you personally react to change and how to harness it
  • Strategies to not only cope with change but use it to your advantage – and build resilience 
  • Practical tools to make change easier for you and those around you
  • How to implement changes to enhance every area of your life in 2021    

Change might not always be as good as a holiday, but you can learn to reframe it and even love it – promise!  As always, this masterclass is free for Premium members. 


About Kelly

Kelly Brown is founder and director of Recovery Partners, which was recognised as one of Australia’s Best Places to Work in 2020. This year, she’s launched a platform called Who What How that aims to demystify running a business by providing practical information, tools, and templates to help other business owners succeed. She supports female-led ventures through the SheEO program and was recognised as a Telstra Business Award finalist in 2019.  


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