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How to lead from the heart


Thursday 9 September 12:00pm-1:00pm AEDT (And available for four weeks after for ticket holders)


Free for members | $24.95 non-members

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Masterclass Online

All of our Masterclasses are recorded and available for four weeks, so if you can’t make it live, register anyway we’ll sent you the video later.

Wildly different leadership styles are on display every day in organisations across Australia. Look no further than our state premiers at their daily press conferences to see a heady mix of stoicism, vulnerability, humour, compassion and grim determination.

Our Masterclass Online presenter Shantelle Thompson is a proud Barkindji/Ngiyampaa and European woman pioneering a new leadership style she describes as leading and serving from the heart using grit and courage.

 In partnership with Suncorp’s Team Girls, Shantelle’s upcoming Masterclass Online will explain why the ability to connect with our hearts, get out of our heads and get out of our own way is the superpower we all need right now.

As someone who was told she was more likely to end up pregnant or dead than to finish school, Shantelle found the courage to ignore the noise, cultivate grit and lead from a place of love, connection and growth.

During our Masterclass Online on 9 September at 12pm, you’ll learn:

  1. That courage is a skill and practice anyone can learn
  2. How to find your courage and grow it
  3. About GRIT: what it is, why it matters and how it can help you
  4. Why being, leading and serving from the heart is the new way forward



About Shantelle Thompson – Barkindji Warrior

Barkindji Warrior Shantelle is a lived experience expert who believes that to be wholly yourself, to courageously follow your heart and to live your truth is the boldest thing you can do. Everything she shares comes from being ‘in the sh*t’ and learning how to use it to grow. She believes our heads create the noise that holds us back and our hearts can set us free. A multi-everything person (passion, vision, purpose and focus), Shantelle is big-hearted and goes after what she wants. Everything she speaks and teaches is a combination of her lived, learned and earned experiences.



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