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How to set a marketing budget


Tuesday 21 June 12:00pm – 12:30pm AEST (And available for four weeks after for ticket holders)


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Masterclass Online

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Do you feel like your marketing budget could be working a little harder for you? You’re not alone with businesses wasting over a quarter of their budget on ineffective channels and strategies. We say it’s time we got those budgets back into shape. 

If only there was a masterclass presented by an expert who could help us navigate the seven seas of marketing with expertise and tons of experience (eye patches also accepted). 

Well, we’re not sure about whether she wears an eye patch or not, but we know Emma Reeves has buckets of gold in marketing experience and know-how to help us set the right course for success. 

Emma’s resume is mighty impressive having worked with 10 of the top UK Marketing Agencies. She has also worked across affiliate marketing, digital marketing, outbound marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and more recently SME Accounting and Finance professionals since starting her own biz, Excelerate Marketing. She also started her first business when she was 8 making and selling cat toys and distributing a monthly newsletter to neighbours with her childhood best friend – see we told you it was impressive! 

Wondering what you’ll learn during this masterclass? Wonder no longer … 

  • When and how much budget you should invest on marketing each year – avoid money wastage 
  • Red flags and green flags with marketing agencies – understanding the right questions to ask 
  • Case studies of businesses who have invested well and those they haven’t – learn from their mistakes and successes 

We know marketing can be one of those areas of your business that often falls into the too-hard basket, but we know this masterclass will move it into a much more fun basket that also contains fluffy kittens and tim tams – yay! 


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