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ING Australia CEO Melanie Evans on leadership, wellbeing and moving forward

How do you lead a team through a global pandemic? How do you show up during difficult times? How do you balance your business and personal needs when they conflict?

In this special virtual event as part of our Here If You Need mental wellbeing series (you can find out more here), Business Chicks’ CEO Olivia Ruello sat down with ING Australia CEO, Melanie Evans, to discuss it all. Tune in to find out Mel’s three non-negotiables for keeping sane right now, why both Mel and Liv believe the pandemic has amplified culture, and why Liv gets changed before starting bedtime routines (curious? We thought you might be).

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a cup of whatever takes your fancy and click the play button below to watch these two inspiring women chat leadership, wellbeing, and business growth.


Want more? Here If You Need is our first-ever mental wellbeing toolkit – a six-part video series developed by Business Chicks to support your state of mind through this lousy period of the pandemic. There’s seriously feel-good sessions from some of our favourite experts on meditation, resilience, mindfulness, nutrition and even a gentle online workout to get those synapses firing. It’s free for Business Chicks members and all thanks to ING.

Stream Here If You Need on-demand now, just click here to get started.

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