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It’s a great time to think like a luxury brand

It’s a great year to be a luxury influencer. In fact, even in uncertain times, many luxury influencers are having their best year ever. They effortlessly sign $500k luxury consulting packages with their dream clients … while others scramble to get followers. 

What is the secret of their growing success?

Let me be frank with you . . . 

Your ideas are too big to start small. 

The Kim Kardashian high-volume model is a paradox best left for the mainstream influencer. It’s a “bottom-up” strategy, if you will. And while some can pull it off, the pioneers who thrive because of the luxury model know differently.

The leaders who become cultural phenomena are not led astray by the false belief that appealing to a wide audience will cement a celebrity reputation. 

But when it comes to luxury, top-tier entrepreneurs with an exclusive offer know that this bottom-up approach can tarnish your worth in your field. High volumes of low-ticket offers do not create the air of intrigue needed to stand out. 

Indispensable players in their sphere of influence market to the mainstream LAST, knowing that the prestige associated with their brand is non-negotiable. Although this may sound intimidating, I have yet to coach a client who was unable to create a $100k premium offer. 

Sought-after influencers leverage their specific genius into high-ticket deals at the top of the market. Their client base is well-established. And their ability to afford luxury remains intact even in challenging economic times. 

They have the courage and confidence to position themselves as a unique asset. And their high-ticket price ushers the privileged into their exclusive world. 

This kind of specificity can create division — some will become absolute devotees … and others will cringe at the sight of your posts. Not to worry. The bashers aren’t worthy of your time.

At their core, luxury influencers are never concerned about the naysayers nor the competition. They recognise the maverick within and go forward with full confidence. Their audacious ideas are rare gems that their audience craves. It comes down to being bold and iconic. 

A true luxury influencer commits fully to the opulence of their own mind. They are the leaders who go on to cultivate large-scale success.  

Diamonds don’t go on sale: the laws of luxury positioning

Not everyone can afford quality diamonds. Not everyone wears them. Yet they remain a status symbol among the elite. 

Likewise, well-compensated influencers create authority at the top end by positioning themselves as a select commodity. 

By creating an exclusive experience and crafting an incomparable singular vision, they draw in the clients who intuitively understand their value … and gladly pay for access to their influence. 

This is the positioning that will bolster luxury influencers to scale to commercial deals, $500k coaching packages, bookings on exclusive platforms, and developing a legacy of multi-generational wealth. 

The key to opening the door to high-ticket offers is through identifying a defined vision. The more you pinpoint your specific ideals, the higher your earning potential as a luxury influencer. 

CEO’s, celebrities, and large-scale influencers simply do not have time to focus on activities that keep them stagnant. Your time is a precious commodity waiting to be capitalised on. 

Money isn’t an object for your chosen clientele. But expertise and exclusivity are non-negotiable. Those who can afford a true luxury experience won’t bat an eye at the price tag. However, it’s essential that the experience you provide caters to their upscale tastes.

Give them an experience they want to boast about to friends and colleagues.

Less is more: price is the gatekeeper

Influencers who become a hallmark of their niche understand the essentials of gatekeeping. They position themselves as untouchable, except to a select few.  Nevertheless, to spread their vision, multiple social media platforms are essential. 

An influencer’s social media should be omnipresent … never their availability. 

Creating an ecosystem of appealing offers to share on multiple channels creates opportunities for those who want access to you, but cannot afford it. 

These high-quality but lower-ticket offers should always maintain distance between you and your audience. Not everyone has access to the elite. 

Only after you are well-positioned as a top influencer should you venture into smaller, scalable products. Those who become accessible to a wider audience too soon risk their sterling reputation. 

By implementing this top-down model of luxury influence, our clients have seen $50k days and easily sold $500k coaching packages for the first time. Brilliant minds deserve to be compensated for what they’re worth as they venture out to create waves in the world. 


Kathryn Porritt is a Business Chicks Premium member and business strategist. Check out her free masterclass where she demystifies how to transform your brand into a legacy business.

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