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Masterclass: ‘Navigating Imposter Syndrome’ with Alison Shamir

Get ready to learn how to navigate
imposter syndrome!

We’re hearing a lot about Imposter Syndrome out there, it’s become quite the buzz topic, but what is it really?

If you’ve ever felt like a fraud at work, like you’re fooling everyone into believing you are competent, good enough or deserving enough to be in the room. Or if you’re confused about all the information out there on Imposter Syndrome and thinking, am I experiencing Imposter Syndrome or not? Then please join Alison Shamir – Imposter Syndrome Expert and Emma Lovell – Personal Brand Specialist and get ready for an authentic and captivating conversation that will challenge myths circulating about Imposter Syndrome, arm you with the right information, spark meaningful introspection, and pave the way for personal growth. With the bonus of live Q&A at the end.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • WHAT IMPOSTER SYNDROME IS AND ISN’T (so you can assess yourself and others) with the right information
  • WHAT CAUSES IMPOSTER SYNDROME (it’s diverse, it’s global and we all have a unique journey)
  • HOW TO BEGIN DISMANTLING IMPOSTER SYNDROME (what helps, what doesn’t & where to start)

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