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Money + me


Tuesday 28 September – Tuesday 26 October (once-weekly sessions)


Free for members | $99 for non-members

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5-part virtual event dropping weekly

The past doesn’t matter. What you’ve spent, what you’ve saved, what you’ve accumulated or what you’ve lost.

Here’s your chance to get better at money once and for all under the guidance of accomplished experts who can reshape your financial mindset and set you up with solid strategies that put you in control

Whether you’re avoidant or have an ‘easy come, easy go’ relationship with money, this series will change everything for you, forever, if you’re open to it.

Many of us feel out of our depth and out of control when faced with the reality of our finances. We want to change, grow, improve, but it’s… scary.

It doesn’t have to be though. Not when we have a new five-part event series designed for anyone who wants to get better at money.

Our Money + Me presenters are non-intimidating specialists at the top of their financial game – people like Mel Browne and Canna Campbell. Each session will drop at the same time each week for five weeks.

If you’re ready to master your money mindset, take charge of your cashflow, grow your wealth and make smart decisions when money meets relationships, this is for you!

Money + Me is free for members and just $99 for non-members.




 You want to get better at money and love to learn

 You like the idea of investing, but aren’t sure where to start

 You’ve already bought a share or two and want to go further

 You want a deeper understanding of how you relate to money and your past financial decisions

 You want to learn better budgeting and cashflow skills that aren’t too restrictive

You want to save more, plan for the future and branch out from your salaried income



Week 1, Tuesday 28 Sept – 1.30pm-2.30pm

What’s your money mindset?

with Effie Zahos

Unpack your money story and values to better understand your past behaviour around money. To help you take control of your financial future going forward, Effie will provide tools to help you reshape your money story.

Week 2, Tuesday 5 Oct – 1.30pm-2.30pm

Healthy cashflow management & no-BS budgeting

with Canna Campbell

Learn how to manage your budget and cashflow to support your personal financial and lifestyle goals. Canna will let us in on her most effective hacks and habits that will put you in the driver’s seat financially, leaving you feeling liberated and in control.

Week 3, Tuesday 12 Oct – 1.30pm-2.30pm

I have $1000. Now what?

with Simran Kaur from Girls That Invest

Debunk common myths about investing (no, it’s not like gambling) and demystify exactly what the stock market is. Simran will explain how people make money from investing, common investment scenarios and the importance of identifying your risk tolerance.

Week 4, Tuesday 19 Oct – 1.30pm-2.30pm – presented by Sharesies

Entering the stock market

with Brooke Roberts from Sharesies

Learn how to navigate the market as a first-time investor as Brooke explains how to choose what to invest in, the importance of diversification and how to level up as an investor. This session includes fascinating facts and figures facts around women in investing from Sharesies 2021 survey.

Week 5, Tuesday 26 Oct – 1.30pm-2.30pm

Money and relationships

with Mel Browne

One of Australia’s leading money experts clues us in on what to do on the money front when you couple up, get married or split up. She warns about common pitfalls, dangerous assumptions to make, self-protection mechanisms and the importance of maintaining an open money dialogue with your partner.



Effie Zahos

Effie Zahos is one of Australia’s leading personal finance commentators. As editor of Money, Australia’s longest-running personal finance magazine, and a regular money expert on Channel 9’s Today Show and on radio around Australia, she has a knack for making money matters simple. Effie has a degree in economics from the University of Queensland but moved to Sydney when she was in her mid-20s (still supports the Maroons, though!). She is married and is the proud mother of two children who are reformed spenders thanks to her children’s financial literacy book, The Great $20 Adventure.

Canna Campbell

Canna Campbell, is a financial planner who established her boutique practice, SASS Financial, in 2007 after a prosperous career with a major bank. In 2014, Canna launched her YouTube channel, SugarMammaTV, after realising there was a need to provide accessible advice to everyday people who felt intimidated and confused by personal finance. Canna is also a regular financial expert on Channel 9’s Today Show, Today Extra & Today Weekend. Her videos are also covered by The Daily Mail on a fortnightly basis and she has developed an app, ‘Sugar Budget’, which is currently sitting at no. 2 on the Apple App Store for most popular financial budgeting apps.

Simran Kaur and Girls That Invest

Founder of the world’s largest investing podcast for women, Girls That Invest, Simran is a millennial investor who has made it her mission to tackle the wealth gap by helping more women to invest. Simran remembers when she learned about investing she felt mad because of how easy it was and how there had been so much unnecessary jargon. New Zealand-based Simran has a way of explaining investing concepts that is fun and fresh to her female audience, which has been seen through the exponential growth that Girls That Invest experienced, with over 50k community members in less than a year.

Brooke Roberts and Sharesies

Brooke Roberts is a director and co-founder of Sharesies AU and mother of two. The Sharesies platform has over 420,000 investors across New Zealand and Australia who’ve collectively invested over $1.5 billion. Sharesies’ vision is to give someone with $5 the same investment opportunities as someone with $5 million. Brooke is passionate about creating equal opportunities and business being a force for good — she puts a lot of focus on making sure Sharesies has a positive impact on people, customers, communities, and the environment. Brooke was the co-winner of the 2020 Women of Influence – Business award, alongside co-founder Sonya Williams.

Mel Browne

Melissa Browne is an author, serial entrepreneur, accountant, financial journalist and speaker. She is CEO of the award-winning accounting and advisory firm A&TA and CEO of the Financial Planning Business for 28-48 year-olds who want to financially grow up. Mel is also co-founder of The Money Barre, a financial planning firm for Gen X and Y (now Melissa Browne Courses), and co-founder & Director of Business at Thinkers.inq, an innovative long day preschool based on creative and critical thinking. Her books include More Money for Shoes, Fabulous but Broke, the global best-seller Unf*ck your Finances and Budgets Don’t Work (But This Does).



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