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2024 B5 Undated Planner | Monthly calendar, Weekly agenda, Daily scheduler, Yearly goal planning with FREE PEN | Scribbles That Matter Planner For Women, Academic,Work,Business, Dotcross,Bottle Green

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Product Description



This is the DotCross Planner – the flexible, undated planner that adapts to whatever life throws at you.

It’s SO frustrating when every planner you come across has boxes and sections that just don’t apply to you, or the way your life works.

When we began developing our new planner release, we asked ourselves what would make it absolutely AWESOME for our customers.

What could we do to create a planner that would help someone be the best version of themselves – more efficient, more effective, achieve more and reach their goals faster?

How can our planner help someone be a productivity machine?

We wanted to create a planner that doesn’t give you boxes to fit into – but rather, gives you the space you need to plan for what’s important to you right now.

The problem with most pre-printed planners is that they are prescriptive…and restrictive. They are so focused on selling the illusion of a ‘perfect life’ – a life that fits neatly within the boxes provided.

But we know life doesn’t work that way. A lot can change in a year, so we wanted to create a planner that meets you as you are in the moment, and is flexible enough to help you stay on top of what life throws at you.


Your Go To Life Planner

As the days go by your will develop a certain attachment for your Dotcross Planner. Unconsciously at first, you will find yourself glancing at your scribbles as it lies on your desk. With the first touch of the paper you will realise that here is a planner that welcomes you to plan your life and work better than any other you have ever used.


200 numbered pagesPaper: 120gsm, bright white, FSC certified, acid-free (suitable for most creative mediums, including gel pens, fineliners, paint, fountain pens, and water-based markers)Vegan leather coverLay-flat bindingElastic closure 2 x colour-coded ribbon bookmarksBack pocketElastic pen-loopSignature STM protective box



A PLANNER THAT GIVES HOPE, NOT CHECKBOXES: People with ADHD, depression, and anxiety have professed the Dotcross does more than just organize your days, your month, and your life. It gives you hope and something to look forward to.ORGANIZES LIFE IN JUST 5 MIN A DAY: The planner section simplifies goal setting, day-to-day scheduling, habit tracking, and reflection whilst the journal section inspires you to get creative and create your own notes and lists.CONVERTS DREAMS TO REALITY: Makes your and your family’s dreams and goals tangible by taking them out of your head and heart and written down somewhere. You’ll see it all the time and it keeps you accountable. And you will love that.MAKES YOU PURSUE WHATS IMPORTANT: Stops you from throwing up predictable vision boards, goals and rewards. Makes you truly reflect on what’s important to you and THEN helps you plan your personal and professional goals.


A Better You, One Month At A Time

GET MONTHLY ADVANCE NOTICES: The monthly calendar page helps you stay informed of important dates and events in the month so there are no surprises. Appointments, birthdays, deadlines, family outings all sorted.CONQUER LIFE, ONE WEEK AT A TIME: with all 7 days on one page, get an overview of the week ahead. Organize personal and professional life in a perfected layout with plenty of room for open notes, tracking habits, checklists, doodles, review the week and plan for the next week.CREATIVE SPACE FOR THE UN-CALENDAR-ABLE: dotted pages in the back allow for maintaining your own lists, trackers, charts, notes, graphs… the sky’s the limit. The dotted pages are a decent number without them being too limiting or an excessive amount of unused paper.MORE PLANNING, LESS SWEARING: the silky smooth and thick paper (120gsm) is the little known secret to the enjoyable and consistent use of our planner. Write with the accompanying black pen or a pen/fountain pen of your choice without worrying about ink bleeds.CHERISHED FOR YEARS TO COME: this planner will be your daily companion and it will still be in great shape by the end of the year thanks to the premium craftsmanship. The water-resistant vegan leather cover is sturdy and feels luxurious like real leather.EXTRAS YOU’LL LOVE: two unique-coloured bookmarks, accompanying pen + pen loop so you can plan anywhere, layflat binding for comfortable writing, back pocket for loose notes or receipts, next day delivery if you have Prime, and a professional box packaging for storing/gifting the planner.

Dotcross PlannerDotcross Planner


Own the week by first writing down the list to-dos for the week. Then wake up each day with your top priorities or gratitude or what ever gets you excited for the day. Track how much you sleep, when you actually work, which days you have been working out or how many hours you give to your family. This exercise when repeated over the 52 weeks of the year will tremendously change your outlook to your actions and decision. You will be amazed when you compare week 1 with week 52. Be ready to have your mind blown!

Lets face it. You can get any planner out there. What makes this one the superior option? Its ability to be customised. Other planners might have a ‘box’ to check off when you worked out but what if you are not interested in tracking that? That ‘box’ makes you feel guilty and pretty soon you forfeit using the planner altogether. The Dotcross Planner will be that one planner that you can utilise exactly to fit your needs motivating you to keep using it consistently for the entire year. Don’t let your money go to waste. Grab a Dotcross Planner NOW!

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Elastic bandElastic band



Two unique colour bookmarks (ribbed) let you pick up where you left off without flicking through pages every time you open your journal. For example, keep one bookmark in your monthly goal overview page and the other in your daily section.


When inspiration strikes and you feel like planning, the last thing you want is to not have a pen! We equip our journals with a premium fineliner we call “The Scribbler” and an elastic pen loop that can fit in any pens/markers of your choice.

Elastic Band

Designed in Britain, the elastic band helps keep your journal closed securely so you don’t have worries of anything falling out. The binging is 180° lay-flat.

Back Pocket

Store all your important loose receipts and notes in the expansive back pocket in the planner. You can also store small rulers if you wish. If you are a ‘sticker person’ you can store them in here as well.

Dotted Journal with a uniquely designed cover which is perfect for Bullet journaling. Dotted Journal with a plain cover which is perfect for creative Bullet journaling. Dotted Journal with a plain cover which is perfect for creative Bullet journaling. Part planner, part journal. The fully customisable planner that fits to your life, not the other way around. Undated planner with yearly, monthly, weekly and daily spreads. Journal Organizer Ruled / Graph

A5 (5.8” x 8.3”) A5 (5.8” x 8.3”), B5 (7.5″ x 9.8″) A5 (5.8” x 8.3”), B5 (7.5″ x 9.8″) A5 (5.8” x 8.3”), B5 (7.5″ x 9.8″) A5, B5 A5

160gsm, 120gsm (white) 160gsm (white) 160gsm (black) 120gsm (white) – 120gsm (white)

Muti-colour availability

✓ SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP & DESIGN – Crafted with 120gsm acid-free paper, experience smooth, bleed-free writing. Encased in a premium vegan leather hardcover, its minimal aesthetic is suitable for all genders. The A5 size, pockets, and elastic band enhance portability and organization, making it a harmonious blend of style and functionality.
✓PRECISION PLANNING WITH ADAPTABLE DESIGN – Organize all aspects of life with expertly crafted year-overview pages for insights and ambitions, monthly spreads for key events, and a distinct 7-day layout catering to diverse needs, from work tasks to habit tracking and bullet journaling. Navigate the synergy of structure and versatility as you balance both personal and professional domains.
✓ UNDATED FOR TIMELESS UTILITY – Standout Feature: Dotcross Planner’s undated nature ensures you’re never bound by time. Unlike many dated planners, kickstart your planning any time of the year, ensuring every page counts and there’s zero wastage.
✓ INNOVATIVE CUSTOMIZATION – Beyond its structured layout, the Dotcross Planner offers blank dotted pages, allowing you to tailor it to your unique needs and creative flair. It’s the seamless blend of structure and imagination, ensuring you’re equipped for any planning challenge.
✓ THE ULTIMATE GIFTING EXPERIENCE – Presented in a sleek black packaging, accompanied by a premium pen and storage box, the Dotcross Planner is the epitome of thoughtful gifting. Be it for personal occasions or corporate needs, it’s a gift that promises transformation and organization.

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2024 B5 Undated Planner | Monthly calendar, Weekly agenda, Daily scheduler, Yearly goal planning with FREE PEN | Scribbles That Matter Planner For Women, Academic,Work,Business, Dotcross,Bottle Green
2024 B5 Undated Planner | Monthly calendar, Weekly agenda, Daily scheduler, Yearly goal planning with FREE PEN | Scribbles That Matter Planner For Women, Academic,Work,Business, Dotcross,Bottle Green


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