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Antoni Barcelona Champagne Flute 7.5 Oz BLUE – EXCLUSIVE BOX -Unique Mouth Blown Line Hand Painted Beverage Amazing Gift Birthday Anniversary Wedding Woman Man (Set 2)

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Price: $79.99
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Product Description




ANTONI BARCELONA is excited to introduce you to the new packaging EXCLUSIVE BOX.

Antoni Barcelona understands the meaning of what a thoughtful gift could represent for someone. The company wants to make the experience of gift-giving more elevated, that is why they created a new brand packaging. The box is more compact and sturdier, it withstands better the impacts that the case could suffer during the transportation.

The black color of the box makes the packaging more elegant and more eye-catching making the colored strip pop up. The line around the box shows the color of the line of the glasses inside the case. The box is divided into two parts, separated by a lid. This design is totally innovative as Antoni Barcelona has never created packaging of this quality before. Once you open the box you will see the inside covered with black foam, with the shape of the glasses traced on the material. The foam helps to cushion the glasses and prevent them from breaking.

Antoni Barcelona’s new packaging is great to give as a gift due to its’ high-quality. This new box has been made with extreme care for our high-end products.



Elegant designBlack packagingRed Color StrippedProduct’s SilhouettesSturdy and compact



New black foamGlasses’ silhouettes were traced on the foam to subject them betterLid’s covered in foam as wellGood presentation


sagrada familiasagrada familia


barcelona nightbarcelona night

Sagrada Familia Line

Magnificent. Glorious. Imposing. It is the emblem of the city of Barcelona.

This building is surrounded by beautiful stained-glass windows.

The sunlight enters through them creating colorful shadows on the walls of the Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia seems to be submerged in a golden and reddish sunset. Red Line collection wants to capture the beauty of the stained-glass windows under the sunlight

Mediterranean Line

Antoni Barcelona offers a variety of colors for each product. One of them is the Blue line, which is inspired by the Mediterranean sea.

The colors of this collection are inspired by the incredible Mediterranean coasts and their beautiful scenery. The view of the Mediterranean is bathed by different shades of blue like the deep blue sea or the clear sky blue. In this collection, we want to convey the feeling of a summer day at a beach accompanied by a light breeze. The blue represents the crystal water dancing under the warm Spanish sun. The silver symbolizes the sea foam of the waves gently crashing against the sand, creating little sparkly bubbles.

City Night Line

The Gold line was inspired by the twinkling lights of Barcelona’s streets at Night.

The night atmosphere of Barcelona is alive and vibrant. Golden lights illuminate the streets where people gather around to spend the evening.

The bustle is accompanied by bright glow and laughter. The sound of clinking glasses toasting is the star of the night. A promising eve is approaching.

The Gold Line symbolizes the glow of the golden lights of a night in Barcelona.

HANDBLOW: Each of the Antoni Barcelona champagne flute is handmade and mouth-blown by highly experienced glass artisans, making each glass a unique work of art. These champagne flutes exude the essence of life, adding a new dimension to the taste of your favorite champagne.
INSPIRED BY SAGRADA FAMILIA: As you hold the stem of these hand painted champagne flutes, you will see the mesmerizing colorful patterns of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, brought to life in your hand. Observe closely and you will see the artists’ brush strokes on the stained glass.
UNIQUE GIFT: Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, retirements, engagements, weddings, no matter the special occasion, these crystal champagne flutes make for an excellent present. These colorful, unique champagne flutes are also a fantastic gift for women and champagne lovers.
ALL OCCASIONS: Whether you are hosting a party or planning a romantic evening with your girlfriend or loved one, these luxurious champagne flutes are perfect for every moment. Impress your guests with these mouth-blown etched decorated champagne glasses.
HIGH QUALITY: At 7.5 Oz, the Antoni Barcelona glassware is large, 100% lead-free and manufactured with eco-friendly practices. Each colored wine glass comes packaged with an elegant gift box set, adding an extra layer of opulence and luxury to your fine dining experience.

Antoni Barcelona Champagne Flute 7.5 Oz BLUE – EXCLUSIVE BOX -Unique Mouth Blown Line Hand Painted Beverage Amazing Gift Birthday Anniversary Wedding Woman Man (Set 2)
Antoni Barcelona Champagne Flute 7.5 Oz BLUE – EXCLUSIVE BOX -Unique Mouth Blown Line Hand Painted Beverage Amazing Gift Birthday Anniversary Wedding Woman Man (Set 2)


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