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Bonabici Loose Leaf Tea Kettle Set w/Fancy Glass Teapot and Cups with Organic Bonabici Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea, Borosilicate Glass and Stainless Steel w/Snap-Fit Hinged Infuser & Brewing Chart (20 oz)

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Price: $44.99
(as of Dec 13,2020 10:31:17 UTC – Details)

The Bonabici Loose Leaf Tea Kettle Set is an affordably elegant addition to any kitchen or office collection, and it is just the right size for those who love to sip on tea throughout the day. This affordable elegance is a perfect way to enjoy the natural goodness of loose-leaf teas; or even to create a visual delight by blooming flowering teas inside the crystal clear tea steeper pot. The modern Italian designed tea cups will impress family and friends with their elegance and durability, and the organic loose leaf tea will provide major health benefits. Our beautiful and versatile teapot is perfect for brewing hot or cold tea. Its 3 mm thick borosilicate glass design is strong and durable. It is electric and gas stovetop safe, microwave safe and allows for any size of brewing. Our spout is drip free and a no mess saucer is included. This glass pot brews superb tasting loose leaf, flowering, blooming, herbal or bagged teas free of impurities from plastics or other materials. Cleaning is easy and fast. The infuser and lid can be cleaned separately from the glass pot. The flip top lid easily snaps off and tightly back on the pot’s raised rim. The pot, infuser, lid and saucer are dishwasher safe (they will not melt), however, we recommend extra care by washing and drying the pot by hand. The lid knob is made of chrome plated ABS. Bonabici is committed to healthy practices and products. Organic tea flavors include chamomile flower, peppermint leaf and lemon balm, all promoting a healthier mind, body and spirit. Our loose-leaf herbal teas are crafted from all natural resources and are a great way to give your body the best care

ELEGANT AND LOVELY DESIGN: This crystal clear 3 mm EXTRA THICK PREMIUM BOROSILICATE GLASS teapot set allows you to see your loose leaf tea come to life, hot or cold brew, and easily yields 1 to 4-5 8oz cups of perfectly brewed tea to enjoy. Includes a BREWING TEA CHART for your convenience.
ITALIAN DESIGNED TEA COFFEE CUPS: These distinctive glass tea or coffee cups are wrapped like a gem inside a Stainless Steel base that keeps fingers safe from heat; plus the adult-size cups hold more tea so you can relax and enjoy friendly conversation. The cups can be used for coffee or cappuccino as well.
DELICIOUS ORGANIC LOOSE LEAF HERBAL TEA: Bonabici’s organic loose-leaf herbal tea promotes a greater sense of well being physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each tea provides unique benefits and a relief of relaxation, satisfaction and happiness. Organic tea flavors include chamomile flower, which is fragrant and has calming effects, peppermint leaf, refreshing and beneficial to the digestive system and lemon balm, a citrusy delight that calms the nervous system.
STOVETOP & MICROWAVE SAFE: This beautiful kettle can be placed directly in the microwave oven, or your delicious teas can be reheated by microwave, directly on gas or electric stove tops, or kept hot on open flame tea pot warmers. Can also be placed in refrigerator or in direct sunlight for cold brewing
CONVENIENT AND DURABLE DESIGN: Made of 304 grade stainless steel, the extra-long infuser reaches deep into the pot for brewing of even a single cup of tea. Can be lifted easily from the pot using flip top lid, which is removable for cleaning and microwave use. Has a mess-free stainless steel saucer and a perfect “no drip” spout design. Stovetop and microwave safe. 100% GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund your purchase

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Bonabici Loose Leaf Tea Kettle Set w/Fancy Glass Teapot and Cups with Organic Bonabici Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea, Borosilicate Glass and Stainless Steel w/Snap-Fit Hinged Infuser & Brewing Chart (20 oz)


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