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HISTORY COMPANY “City of Paris” Crystal Champagne Cocktail Coupe Glass 2-Piece Set (Gift Box Collection)

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Price: $29.95
(as of May 01, 2024 04:47:20 UTC – Details)

Paris in the 1920s. Cocktails are Served.
1924 was “the summer of a thousand parties” wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald, who lived in Paris during the glamorous, indulgent twenties. The Golden Age of Parisian nostalgia is revisited with a distinctly charming glassware.
For your consideration is a set of classic imported-from-France Crystal Champagne Coupes, invoking the art de vivre of Paris in the 1920s and 30s, when rents were low, drinking was allowed, women were considered (somewhat) equal, and the art scene was welcoming. Once a few restless artists and writers made a home there (and in many cases wrote about it), it seemed everyone who could, found their way to Gertrude Stein’s house in Paris, where mixing cocktails was a fine art and Champagne flowed freely. Les années folles, the crazy years!
Float on sparkling bubbles above the mundane cares of the world with this Gift Box Set of 2 “City of Paris” Crystal Champagne Cocktail Coupes, for keeping or giving.

Premium Gift Box Set of 2 classic Champagne Cocktail Coupes, crafted in the hardest and most luxurious crystal glass in the world, inspired by Paris during the glamorous, indulgent 1920s
Luxurious, opulently-designed; clear, beautiful, strong, and resilient, each glass made of pure titanium-based, lead-free crystal which is highly resistant to scratching, breaking or chipping; the sophisticated form invokes the art de vivre of Paris
Notable for brilliant clarity and superb balance, each coupe just begs for more uses; the unique design benefits both the service of Champagne and the spirits of drinks served ‘up,’ shaken or stirred with ice and then served chilled, without ice
The crystal will maintain its brilliance and look for the life of the glass, through years of daily use and entertaining; each exquisite coupe creates a remarkable impression on the tabletop, elevating the presentation of each drink and raising its celebratory spirit
The dramatic silhouette, accented with the intricate detailing of the faceted stem, gives the glass an air of opulence; a widened brim allows release of aromatics, uniquely designed to enhancing the sensory sipping experience
Dimensions for superior functionality: Top: 3 1/2-inches; Bottom: 2 1/2-inches; Height: 5 1/2–inches; Volume Capacity: 6 3/4-ounces
Unconditional 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee
Reinforced stem for added durability; top rack dishwasher-safe when stacked correctly; stack glasses well spaced out, so they are not touching one another or anything else
Makes a thoughtful gift with effortless sophistication; ideal for celebratory moments – dinner parties, birthdays, engagement, wedding, housewarming, anniversaries
The saucer-style coupe adds elegance and sophistication to your own glassware collection

HISTORY COMPANY “City of Paris” Crystal Champagne Cocktail Coupe Glass 2-Piece Set (Gift Box Collection)
HISTORY COMPANY “City of Paris” Crystal Champagne Cocktail Coupe Glass 2-Piece Set (Gift Box Collection)


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