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Simply Crystal Bamboo Water Bottle w/Infuser and carrying sleeve for hot and cold drinks. Luxury gift for women, yoga, and meditation with crystal mix (Clear Quartz, Tiger Eye, Green Fluorite)

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Original price was: $35.97.Current price is: $31.97.

Original price was: $35.97.Current price is: $31.97.

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Price: $35.97 - $31.97
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Product Description

Simply Crystals Wellness Water Bottles

kid at poolkid at pool

Experience the feeling of luxury water bottles. Fact is, our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water. Harness the life giving elements of the Earth and the Universe by drinking water. Drinking water charged with crystals is a great way of infusing the healing energy of crystals into our body. Crystals gemstones don’t need to come in contact with your water the energy simply comes from close proximity! Reflect on moments when you enter a room of people and you can “feel the energy” in the room.

We hope you enjoy your new water bottle! Please act responsibly and use as intended.


Why choose us?

Whether you’re relaxing at the beach, traveling to work, yoga class or at home the Living2Serve Simply Crystals Wellness Water Bottle will exceed your hydration needs!

sc maui1sc maui1

Nine reasons to choose us!

1. Stainless Steel, Gold, and Bamboo style options include beautiful selection(s) of all natural crystal gemstones, storage circle box container, manual, and custom storage bag.

2. Small and Large Stainless Steel removable infusers to spice up your water.

3. Easy to add ice or fruit with our wide removable lids.

4. No unpleasant odors or taste like plastic bottles with your high quality borosilicate glass water bottle.

5. No leak seals at both top and bottom lids.

6. Perfect size opening for anyone to drink.

7. Neoprene sleeve for added protection with carrying strap for travel.

8. Handmade exclusive of decoration premium materials are used to create our water bottles.

9. ***Bonus Gift*** One Reusable Silicone Straw kit (random color straw)!

sc handsc hand

Elevate your mind, body and soul

Finding the right stone is like any practice of wellness. Crystal Gemstone experts believe that you don’t choose the crystal…it chooses you! Have fun and experiment with changing crystals and creating powerful combinations of crystals that enhance your well being!

pool timepool time

Greatness must be earned; similar to wellness!

Healing crystals have been used since ancient times, so there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been handed down from generation to generation.

sc yesc ye

Meditation, Tranquility, and Relaxation…

Charge your water with the vibrational energy from pure crystals! Increase your intake by consuming as much water as possible. The body is our most valuable and precious asset. Crystals are more than just striking colors and shapes, they’re vessel of energy!

Simply crystals Water bottleSimply crystals Water bottle

Hydrate with charged Water!

Be brave and join the luxury crystal water bottle movement! Crystal Gemstone water bottles are great for beginners as well as experienced infusers! The Living2Serve Simply Crystal Water bottle will be the most eye catching and thought provoking water bottle your family, friends and co-workers have ever seen!

rose quartzrose quartz

Crystal Gemstone Disclaimer – Please read the included owners manual

We do not recommend placing crystals directly in your drinking water not only because of potential chipped fragments or debris, but also some crystals gem stones can only be used by external means due to the release of toxic substances when contacted with water. Also please consider that all crystals have been processed in one way or another, whether being tumbled, polished or during the carving process. Please note, we are not by any way medical doctors or claiming to cure anything with the use of our product. We are merely providing information noted by others experiences. Use at your own discretion.

Relax with your Simply Crystals Water Bottle on the Beach!

simply crystals modelsimply crystals model

Enhance your drinking experience with the Living2Serve Simply Crystals Wellness Water Bottle!

Charge your water with the vibrational energy from pure crystals. Easily swap out crystals with your own custom recipe of natural gemstones using the interchangeable crystal chamber at the lower portion of your Simply Crystal Wellness Water Bottle. Safely enjoy drinking water that harnesses the power of gemstones without the risk of corroding metal brackets found in other water bottle variations. Please be aware that some gemstones contain harmful toxins that can react when in direct contact with water.

Thanks for your support! Stay safe and remember to please drink more water!

????Have Fun and Create Powerful Crystal Combinations – Specifically designed with interchangeable crystal chamber to allow you to create any gem stone recipe your body desires! The energy and healing properties of crystals can pass thru glass much like light. It’s safer to make crystal elixirs through the indirect method, where your crystals don’t touch your drinking water.
????Enjoy Delicious Fruit or Herbal Tea Infusions – Utilize the included small and large stainless steel thin mesh infusers to add flavor to your energized custom gem stone elixir!
????Shatter Resistant and Durable Borosilicate Glass – Fluid capacity is 450ml comes equipped with charged Fluorite, Tiger eye, and clear Quartz crystal gem stones. They’re not just beautiful gem stones, each stone has vibrational energy and properties unique to each gemstone!
????Finding the Right Gem Stone – is like any practice of Wellness, healers and gem stone experts believe you don’t choose the crystal it chooses you! Whether or not this is true depends on your own beliefs and experiences.

Simply Crystal Bamboo Water Bottle w/Infuser and carrying sleeve for hot and cold drinks. Luxury gift for women, yoga, and meditation with crystal mix (Clear Quartz, Tiger Eye, Green Fluorite)
Simply Crystal Bamboo Water Bottle w/Infuser and carrying sleeve for hot and cold drinks. Luxury gift for women, yoga, and meditation with crystal mix (Clear Quartz, Tiger Eye, Green Fluorite)

Original price was: $35.97.Current price is: $31.97.

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