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YULVINE Marine Life Stemless Wine Glass Set of 2-Hand Blown Wine Glass, Stemless Wine Glasses, Swimming Sea Glasses, Wine Cups For Red or White Wine-14.5oz

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Price: $27.95
(as of Dec 02,2022 23:15:56 UTC – Details)

Great Packaging
Our premium stemless wine glass for men and women is beautifully packaged to please every eye. It is a perfect gift to your dad, mom, uncle, colleague, grandma, or friends. The premium package makes an excellent gift statement to the loved one you share, the excellent stemless glass. Impress your friends or unwind with a glass of rich red wine, the stemless wine glass with marine creatures; it has a broad design gives these a unique elegance and stability
Suited for Outdoor and Indoor Drinking
Our glasses’ ergonomic fitting into the palm of your hand allows for an effortlessly smooth grip that eliminates spills or mishaps. You can place the glass on any flat surface or table, or even use it on a sandy beach for a timeless wine-drinking experience. Our stemless wine glasses use a tumbler design, which is more stable than traditional stemmed wine glasses. It will be more durable and easier to use and store. It is also large allowing you to serve more drinks per cup.
Steady and Beautiful
You no longer need to worry about the dainty wine stems! The broad base makes the glass tip resistant to prevent spills and sloshes and eliminates the risk of stem breakage common among traditional wine glasses. It features a bowl shape that enhances wine flavors and allows you to fully enjoy your glass to the last sip.
Easy Maintenance
These wine glasses are dishwasher safe without any fear of damage or breakage. You can wash them over and over without damaging the indelible marine print on the glass. This means that you can keep using this stemless to serve Cabernet, chardonnay, Merlot, cocktails, red or white wine without worry that it will break or lose the beautiful marine decorations.
✅ Marine Beauty: Set sail to the sea with an amazing collection of marine creatures on your drinking glass. The glass is made from premium material and printed with indelible ink that displays sea creatures such as jellyfish, starfish, turtles, seahorses and the like.
✅ Great for Photos: The elegance of the cocktail glasses and its premium quality crystal stemless wine glass just shines out with perfect grace and will add royalty to your kitchen. It has the classic delicate engravings of marine life that teem the glass to life. The stemless glass crystal reflects the liquid, and the marine creature lights up the view for stunning photos.
✅ Sweet drinks: Whether you enjoy aged wine or another classic drink, you deserve the best drinking glass. The glass has a large curve and a pointed base to swirl your glass on a flat surface, oxygenating your drink of choice. Sleek angles and modern rolling design give this beautiful lead-free crystal glassware set a fresh, unique feel.
✅ Multiple Uses: With their marine element, these wine glasses will meet your caliber and excellence and enhance your family taste. It is large with over 14.5 Oz, perfect for sipping drinks such as coffee, rosé wine, latte, mixed drinks, ice water, fruit juice, or a smoothie.
✅ PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Share the class with those you love by offering them the beautiful stemless wine glass with a wide wood base. It comfortably fits a 15oz of wine, mixed drink, juice, or beverage of your choice. Suitable gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and birthday day, to mention a few.

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YULVINE Marine Life Stemless Wine Glass Set of 2-Hand Blown Wine Glass, Stemless Wine Glasses, Swimming Sea Glasses, Wine Cups For Red or White Wine-14.5oz


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