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Putting the AP in Happy with Debra Richardson

Putting the AP in Happy with Debra Richardson

Michelle interviews Debra Richardson, MBA, APM, APPM, CPRS about forging her own path in the industry of Accounts Payable. Debra recognized a need that was not being fulfilled and decided to take the initiative to provide the resources herself. Michelle and Debra discuss how to overcome the anxiety that holds us back from jumping in, the importance of networking and finding support, and keeping a positive attitude.

Debra is a vendor setup and maintenance guru who is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other vendor process professionals. As an AP Sr. Manager over Global Vendor Set up and Maintenance, she saw the severe lack of vendor process guidance to avoid fraud, fines, and bad vendor data. To fill that gap, she started her own company, with a tagline that I love, “Putting the AP in Happy”.

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