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Replay Off the Record with Emma Isaacs and Kemi Nekvapil

While we couldn’t get our founder Emma Isaacs to the country to celebrate the release of her new book The New Hustle, we made it our mission to make a big deal through our screens. And the silver lining of Zoom events? You can hit the replay button anytime you want!

In this special virtual event hosted by our dear friend Kemi Nekvapil, we showered Em with love and dove deep into the process of book writing to hear Em’s secrets for turning out a bestseller.

This chat is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, so hit the play button and enjoy.

Want more? Click here to order The New Hustle or grab the eBook here if that’s your style.

Want a taster before you order? We’ve got you! Click here to download the first chapter for free.

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