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Sustainable packaging, Armoire style

Today, we’re rolling out 100% recycled and dual-use packaging for member case shipments nationwide. These new mailers are the product of a partnership with EcoEnclose, a company on a mission to offer the world’s most eco-friendly packaging. 

Long-time members have likely seen a few iterations of Armoire case packaging over the years. Initially at our 2017 founding, Armoire leveraged unbranded, one-time use mailers, inserting a second mailer into shipments for customer returns. And of course, clothing was affixed with Armoire’s signature origami dress and promotional postcards–all wrapped in a clear plastic film. Customers using clothing rental as a sustainable solution were justly discouraged by these early shipments. 

“We saw that some customers were canceling their memberships specifically due to the amount of packaging we were including,” said Ambika Singh, Armoire founder and CEO. “So we decided to offer streamlined packaging–no additional plastic, no marketing materials–none of the brand elements we thought of as premium or delightful. Over 70% of our customers opted into streamlined packaging, so that became our default.” 

 In 2020, Armoire introduced unbranded, dual-use mailers with an enclosed return label. Customers would use the same packaging in which their case arrived to return the clothing after wearing. The latest dual-use mailer launching today marks another milestone in Armoire’s iterative sustainability strategy: EcoEnclose mailers are not only recyclable, but are also made of recycled materials. And with this rollout, we’ll regain some of the branding opportunities lost in previous eco-conscious initiatives. The new mailers are printed in Armoire plum, complete with the company logo and origami dress icon.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Armoire to provide their customers with a premium experience through more sustainable packaging,” said Saloni Doshi, EcoEnclose CEO. “We know that brands want that unboxing experience to be magical. We’re constantly innovating to ensure that brand magic and our long-term vision of packaging circularity can co-exist.”

Armoire’s new mailers feature a QR code on the exterior of the package. Scanning with a mobile device (taking a picture and clicking the QR code link) initiates a user login experience, followed by an overview of each item delivered in the case–including the clothing brand, item detail, and discounted members-only price. Members have immediate access to style inspiration photos of other Armoire members wearing each piece, as well as prompts to review or buy each item, and to share a photo of the modeled look to Armoire’s internal feed. 

The ambition with this experience is to create a digital hub for members to manage all parts of the delivery and return process. Soon, the QR-prompted interface will feature region-specific shipping information, tips and tricks for easy returns, quick clothing item swap options, and members-only offers. These product roadmap milestones will eliminate the need for instructional or promotional package inserts in the future. 

Fewer paper inserts will minimize waste, but realizing the opportunity requires Armoire members to develop a new behavior around package receipt and QR code scanning. We’re hopeful that positive customer sentiment around sustainability will align with customer behavior at this packaging launch, and mark the next iteration of an eco-conscious approach. Please send any feedback you have on this QR code experience, and how we can accelerate our paperless platform! The latest dual-use mailer will be shipped to customers starting today, while Armoire and EcoEnclose continue to develop a multi-use mailer launching later this year.

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