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To Freeze Or Not To Freeze

Business Chicks HQ, 75 King St, Sydney NSW 2000
Thursday 23 February 6:00pm – 8:00pm AEDT
FREE Event!
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HQ Event

We can’t control the future but we can take steps to ensure we’re building the lives we want to lead. When it comes to your fertility, and your future fertility, knowledge is power. Investigating your egg freezing options now means you are taking steps to optimise your chances of having a baby in the future – if and when you are ready.

In partnership with Genea, come and join us for an evening of networking and education as we hear from fertility experts and explore the options available. Genea is a world leading fertility treatment provider with over 37 years’ experience and uses superior technology, expertise and personalised care, to provide you with the best support, advice and treatment at any stage of your fertility journey.

You’ll enjoy a lively discussion, drinks and snacks, and walk away feeling empowered about your future choices. And the best part? This event is free so register now and bring your friends along for what’s set to be an extraordinary night of learning and connection.

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