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Trendy Work Clothes on a Budget

Where does the business woman on a budget shop for clothes? If you’re trying to project an executive presence, it can be costly to look the part. While men can often get away with a capsule wardrobe of shirts and slacks, women’s professional wardrobes might include more patterns and statement pieces that aren’t truly interchangeable. In other words: trendy work clothes for women can be expensive. 

If you invest in just a few pieces, you may cycle through your wardrobe in your first week on the job. But with Armoire clothing rental, you can have a rotating wardrobe of business attire for one fixed monthly price. 

Affordable professional attire for women

Depending on the dress code of your workplace, the cost of professional attire fluctuates dramatically. Blazers can be several hundred dollars (or even thousands if you’re eyeing a designer suit!). Chic outerwear can have the same price point, and sheath or shift dresses are often $100+. Unfortunately, those costs are all adding up before you accessorize. Jewelry, shoes, and the ultimate work bag are also expenses to consider. 

But there’s an alternative to purchasing expensive business clothes. With Armoire clothing rental, ambitious career women have access to a closet of thousands of styles from hundreds of designers. For a monthly membership fee, they can rotate new pieces into their wardrobe that reflect the season, current trends, or types of professional engagements on the calendar. You may need a different outfit for a client lunch than you do when accepting an industry award, right? Armoire rents styles for all occasions, so members always have something to wear. 

Cost-effective style, beyond your “9 to 5”

Shopping for trendy work clothes on a budget is even more difficult these days because professional endeavors frequently trickle outside of standard work hours. Sure, maybe you need a great blazer for that client presentation. But a fabulous workwear wardrobe means that you’re also looking great for an industry happy hour or a professional speaking engagement. Luckily, Armoire rents styles for anything that might be on your weekly calendar–from business formal and business casual, to black tie event dresses, and even happy hour looks. For wherever you’re doing business, Armoire helps you find business clothes on a budget. 

Economical business apparel for specialty roles

Especially if part of your job requires you to do public appearances or show up as a spokesperson on camera or at events, there can be a pressure to avoid repeating an outfit. However, very rarely is there a budget for an unlimited closet. That’s where Armoire comes in. You can rent a style for a one-off engagement, and then ship it back to us. You meet that pressure of having a new look without the guilt of buying for a one-off wear. We’ll clean and prep that clothing item for the next Armoire member to wear, and you have access to a whole new set of professional styles for that monthly budgeted cost. 

Affordable style for business travel

If your role requires you to travel, you might be working in a different climate any given week. And depending on the market that you’re in or a client’s particular industry, there may be specific dress code norms to consider. Buying a whole new wardrobe for each new travel assignment is not a thrifty strategy. Instead, consider an Armoire clothing rental plan with more monthly swaps or item options. That will ensure that you have the styles you need for the weather or wardrobe expectations you’ll encounter–without breaking the bank. 

Save money and time on women’s workwear

Normally, when people are looking for trendy work clothes on a budget, they have money in mind. But as a professional woman, your time is valuable as well. 

You have career ambition, and you need to preserve hours and energy to show up strong. Unfortunately, traditional retail or ecommerce stores aren’t built for the busy woman. Whether you’re in the midst of a never-ending website shop scroll, or speaking with a stylist who works on commission, your time is on the line. 

Armoire was built specifically for busy professional women. Instead of dropping you into a shop with 25+ pages of clothing, we recommend styles that we think will work for you based on your fit and style preferences. What’s more, you have access to free personal styling as part of your membership. You can book a 20-30min appointment with our stylists, or send them a request for an even more personalized selection. Budget your time, and your money!

We also want to prevent you from spending more time cleaning your clothes. Especially if you’re wearing business formal looks, several items require special cleaning care. Skip the trip to the dry cleaners (and the bill!), and drop the rental items you’ve finished wearing in a reusable mailer to ship back to Armoire. We’ll handle all of your cleaning for free as part of your membership. 

Rent your professional wardrobe

Shopping on a budget for work clothes can be a difficult task. Especially if you’re looking for trendy work clothes on a budget, building a wardrobe can be expensive. Instead, if you opt for clothing rental with Armoire, you can have access to a rotating closet of designer women’s workwear for a single monthly fee. Armoire rents clothing for all of your commitments, from professional engagements to social gatherings, so there’s a broad range of styles for you to consider. 

To figure out which plan is right for you, determine how many items of clothing you’d like to rotate into your wardrobe on a monthly basis, and the budget that makes sense. Clothing rental is a paradigm shift for many people. Keep in mind that for the cost, you’ll be wearing hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of clothing every month. You’ll be setting the standard for corner office looks at work. 

Start your Armoire membership today, and save time and money as you build your ambitious career. 


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