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your personal strategy for success


Thursday 19 August 12:00pm-1:00pm AEST (And available for four weeks after for ticket holders)


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Masterclass Online

All of our Masterclasses are recorded and available for four weeks, so if you can’t make it live, register anyway we’ll sent you the video later.


We don’t know about you, but personally we can’t remember a time when the world wasn’t changing at warp speed. So what can we cling to? Who can we trust? Us, that’s who! Our own individual sense of purpose. The key is to nail down what your purpose is and channel it into action through process. That’s what this inspiring session is all about.

Our masterclass host, Dr. Cle-Anne Gabriel, says that by connecting purpose with process, we can develop an unshakeable practical strategy that will keep us on course no matter what. And she should know because she’s a Senior Lecturer in Strategy at The University of Queensland Business School.

Dr. Cle-Anne is going to show you how to practise purpose and develop your personal strategy for success in this special Masterclass Online, brought to you by UQ Business School.

She explains how if you take the time to get strategy right, you’ll find that it’s easy to implement. This is an all-new, practical way of thinking about strategy that will get results.

During the masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Why strategy doesn’t usually work and how to get it right
  • How to identify your purpose by understanding what the world needs and your place in it
  • How to align your purpose with action and develop your own personal strategy for success
  • The actions you need to take to develop your personal strategic action plan and fulfill your purpose
  • How to actually make things happen and get results by acting on your personal action plan every day.



About Dr. Cle-Anne Gabriel

Cle-Anne is a specialist in sustainable development and higher education. She is a researcher and educator within the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Discipline of UQ Business School, and the school’s Director for the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (UN PRME).

A mum, academic, speaker and runner, Cle-Anne describes herself as an Island Woman with Caribbean roots and global branches. She is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), an award-winning educator and a Director of the North American Case Research Association (NACRA).





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