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3 Affirmations to Keep Your Boss Lady Mindset Intact

For a busy boss lady, self-care and self-love are necessities to continually show up for yourself. Still, putting yourself at the top of the list can be difficult. It’s a great thing that self-care takes many forms! From throwing on a new fierce outfit to reciting daily affirmations on your way to work, the epitome of self-care is taking time for yourself to support a peaceful mind and a healthy body. In a world that promotes the never ending workday and ignores the need for alone time, self-care seems groundbreaking. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, and CEOs all advocate for the new era of taking care of oneself. 

As a boss lady, your aura emulates that of some of the world’s most successful women. Some things that boss ladies have in common is how they present themselves – confident, powerful and focused. She has poise in her walk and radiance in her outfits. She presents herself as polished and sleek with her style and demeanor. As you learn more about yourself, you can express yourself through taking new fashion risks, sharing creative ideas at work, and even being more present in your relationships. When you feel at your best, you live at your best. In the words of former First Lady and women’s rights connoisseur, Michelle Obama says “I always try to remember that I’ll be the best me I can be if I prioritize myself.”

Let’s admit it though, the feeling of not having enough time to practice self-care is a valid argument, but as we know, self-care comes in many forms. A strategy that has been researched and proven to be effective in increasing confidence, productivity, and problem solving is positive self-affirmations. This is a self-care strategy that you can claim on a daily basis. A boss lady does what a boss lady does when she feels confident and powerful. This all starts within yourself. Fostering your confidence and strength motivates you to feel your best, which results in you doing your best. Let’s talk about some affirmations  that will uphold your boss lady mindset. 

First off, let’s discuss about what an affirmation is and how they work: 

According to Social psychologist, and pioneer for the development of the self affirmation theory, Claude Steele says “self-affirmation at its core is the fact that when people feel their self-image is threatened with negative or self-sabotaging thoughts they are motivated to affirm the integrity of the self.” The act of practicing affirmations daily is a powerful tool to help affirm your qualities and abilities. 

Using affirmations as a form of self-care can take anywhere from one minute to the entirety of a plane ride. The wonderful thing about this method is you get to decide what feels right for you. You get to choose which affirmations you need to hear on a specific day. 

There is still a question posed, though. How do positive affirmations actually help me?

The neural benefits of the strategy have been long proven with intense research. According to research done by the National Library of Medicine, the participants who practiced self-affirming thoughts showed an increase in activity in the brain’s self-processing system. Self-affirmations decrease stress, increase well-being, and overall help broaden people’s perspective of themselves and the world around them. Take it from philanthropist, entrepreneur, and author, Oprah Winfrey “You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe.” Self-affirmations are the way to spark your brain’s attention in the areas that matter when it comes to loving who you are and what you can do. You can decide to go for that new position at work, start that new company, or, at the level we all need sometimes, get through the day. 

Affirmations are a great way to start practicing self-care and self-love. When you acknowledge your qualities and abilities, you call out the best parts of yourself. Affirmations are a way to reach in and voice out loud (or in your head) what it is that you love most about yourself. Although a great method, it may feel awkward or unfamiliar to talk to yourself at first. Once you start practicing self-affirmations, the feelings of power and strength are translated into your quality of life. 

Self-affirmations are not a catchall. You can choose which self-affirmations make the most sense for you on a day-to-day basis. Whether you’re feeling anxious, upset, or even peaceful and happy, acknowledging your feelings every day helps you understand what you need to hear, resulting in realizing what you need to do. These affirmations can be your truest feelings transpired. As you begin reciting your affirmations, an easy way to affirm the way you feel about yourself is through how you express yourself. This can be accomplished through trying new outfits that go with the affirmations you claim. Here are three affirmation types to keep your boss lady mindset intact. 

1. Express who you are as a Boss Lady on the inside and outside

We have all heard the saying “When you look good you feel good”. Nonetheless, it’s a great feeling to actually feel good about yourself. Mixing self-affirmations with a stylish outfit will be the perfect blend of feeling good about yourself on the inside and out. Perhaps you have a bold red skirt you want to strut in. Recite to yourself exactly why that bold skirt is a reflection of the powerful boss lady you are. Practice affirmations that are purposeful in highlighting how fierce you can be. These can include: 

  • “I am a boss lady”
  • “I am powerful”
  • “I am allowed to speak up for myself”
  • “I look fierce”
  • “I am bold” 
  • “I am beautiful”
  • “I am glowing”

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2. Believe in your abilities and you will succeed 

As a boss lady, you have been through many stages in your life, good, bad, and everything in between. Reflect on how you got to where you are today. You continually pushed yourself to take the leaps of faith that got you to your present life. The point of affirmations is to be conscious of your feelings, yourself, and your capabilities. Whether you were subconsciously motivating yourself in the past, affirmations are a way to put your drive in front of your mind. Reciting goals that you wish to achieve brings awareness to the question, “what are my next steps to get to my goal?” Big or small, daily or throughout your lifetime, your goals should be recognized and voiced. Goals are different for everyone. Maybe you have a goal of hitting 10,000 steps daily or starting a new inventory process at work. Be specific about your goals when you practice self-affirmations. Call yourself out for the things that you desire. It starts at the very basic level that almost all people have heard from their grandmothers,  “Believe in yourself and you will succeed”. You can pair this feeling with a sleek outfit that makes you feel professional and stylish. A blazer is one of the most boss lady styles there is and can be a great way to assert your perseverance. Affirmations that focus on your goals can put your willingness to achieve what you desire into perspective. 

  • “I can face hardships and push through” 
  • “I am capable of finishing this on time”
  • “I love my determination”
  • “I am focused” 
  • “I reach every goal I set my mind to”
  • “My ability to learn quickly is admirable” 
  • “I believe in myself”
  • “I follow my dreams”

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3. Acknowledge the obstacles life throws at you and hit them over the head with a powerful message to yourself

Life as a boss lady is far from easy. The obstacles you may face seem insurmountable, but the way you choose to face hardship can be your way to overcome them. Rather than ignoring an anxiety-saturated challenge, you can acknowledge that it will be difficult to get through, but, as a boss lady, you always find a way. Practicing self-affirmations that motivate you to get past tough times is a strategy that can help reduce stress. When you recognize a challenge, it is easier to figure out what your next step is. During a time like this, put on an outfit that accompanies your strength to get through the hardship. A matching pants suit can be the ideal addition to your tenacious spirit. Some affirmations you can voice to yourself include those statements that uplift and encourage you. 

  • “I defeat every hardship thrown at me” 
  • “I grow with every challenge”
  • “I will get through this”
  • “It’s okay I didn’t get that opportunity, something better is coming” 
  • “I show up for myself even when things get rough” 
  • “I am resourceful ”
  • “I am persistent” 

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As a boss lady, choosing to prioritize yourself plays a key role in navigating through your life. To elevate your mindfulness, affirmations are a self-care tactic you can bring with you anywhere. When you recognize the best parts of yourself, you acknowledge your uniqueness in this world. Self-affirming who you are and what you can do takes your confidence to a whole new level. This confidence can lead you to take the risks you’ve always wanted to take, improve your productivity at work, and feel like the powerful woman you are. Practicing self-affirmations should not only be a form of self-care, but should be a conscious effort to be your own biggest supporter.

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