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Armoire founder and CEO Ambika Singh is a GeekWire Awards finalist

We’re excited to share that our founder and CEO Ambika Singh has been selected as a finalist in the Startup CEO of the Year category for the upcoming GeekWire Awards. Finalists were chosen after a month-long community nomination and judging process. Ambika is in incredible company in this award category, sponsored by professional services firm Aon; here are the other startup leaders in the running:

The winner of this award will be announced live at Showbox SoDo in Seattle on May 12, 2022, but community voting is open now through April 22, 2022. Vote for Ambika today

Still need some convincing? We reflected on some of our favorite anecdotes and demonstrations of leadership qualities to help you understand why Ambika is undeniably the Startup CEO of the year. 

Ambika’s curiosity knows no limits.

Whether she’s scheduling time with best-in-class experts from her network or asking an employee for a deep-dive on ML capabilities, Ambika thrives in a learning environment. She asks compelling questions, and never assumes that she has the right answer. This has created a culture of experimentation and deeply collaborative teams bringing domain prowess to each new project. Ambika’s quest for knowledge is contagious.

Ambika shares the spotlight.

She knows that business milestones are the result of incredible amounts of teamwork, and takes the time to acknowledge the individuals who helped us get there. Ambika’s recognition is heartfelt–she digs in to understand work getting done, and makes sure that everyone who deserves credit receives a genuine thanks. Ambika takes the time to ensure that people understand they’re appreciated, and that their contributions are important–whether it’s via a Slack post hyping a new feature, or name-dropping idea originators at our weekly OKR meeting. Ambika has a platform, and uses it to elevate her team.

Ambika rolls up her sleeves.

She’s a humble leader, and won’t ask someone to do something that she wouldn’t jump in to do herself. Find her outside shopping centers handing out Armoire fliers, or at the warehouse pressing barcode tags onto each individual item in our inventory. Building a company is the product of many tasks, and when the pressure’s on, Ambika will always be in the trenches to execute.

We’re so proud to see Ambika–a servant leader and caring colleague–named as a finalist in this year’s GeekWire Awards. Cast your vote for Ambika today!

To explore job openings and learn more about working on our close-knit team, visit the Armoire Careers page.

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