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5 Style Tips for a Boss Lady’s Night Out

Amongst the crazy day to day life of a boss lady, it’s sometimes hard to set time aside for a night out with friends. We’re here to say DO IT! Ladies night out is the perfect time to destress and throw on a stylish outfit that will have you feeling revived after a chaotic week of being a boss lady. Whether you are planning a nice dinner or lounge night with your girls, all boss ladies deserve a night off together. “It’s not just good for the soul, it’s good for your health”, an Australian study suggested about women engaging in friendship with other women. Infact, another study done by UCLA in 2002 indicated that when a woman gathers with other women, more oxytocin hormone is released – leading to counter stress and producing a calming effect.

It’s time to plan that ladies night!

Although important, making the effort to take a night off can be overwhelming, especially finding the perfect outfit for the occasion. We’ve all been there. We tear apart our wardrobe, look for something flattering, question our defenseless closets, and always think “I have nothing to wear!” A story by Glamour described a new UK study that reported about 50% of UK women cancel plans because they had nothing to wear. Women all over the globe have common feelings about the need to find an outfit for a night out. But this is a great time to experiment with new and exciting styles. Armoire provides you options so you don’t have to worry!

Here are five spontaneous outfits to wear on your next ladies night out! 

1. Add a Boss Lady Blazer!

Blazers are infamous for being the perfect addition to a boss lady’s work wardrobe, but more recently we are seeing the rise of trendy oversized versions of the classic look. While this style brings class and an upscale quality to an outfit, it provides a casual look that can be paired with different pieces. Whether you pair this addition with a simple combination including jeans and a blouse, or over a mini dress, the universal style of a blazer makes it easy to pair with anything.

An oversized blazer paired with a mini dress is the perfect look. The mini dress is fun and stylish while the blazer is sophisticated and chic. This is a combination that will give you some edge for your ladies night out.

Try this style!

2. Go for the little black dress with a twist!

This look is chic, sexy, and stylish. The little black dress is a staple in every woman’s closet. To add some elevation, try styles that include different textures. This way, you can stick with something you know, but give your look some definition. This style will always be a ladies night out favorite!

Try these styles!

3. Add in a different texture – Faux leather is in!

Faux leather pants have been a new addition to the fashion world in recent years. This fashionable look is a great way to spice up your ladies night outfit. From celebrities to members of the royal family, faux leather pants have a grip on us all! 

An all black outfit with faux leather pants is the ultimate look to make you feel fierce. The monochrome look of this outfit resembles a boss lady pant suit with a night time twist. 

Try this style!

4. Pop with some color on your night out!

Ladies night is a perfect time to try out new styles, especially the addition of different color combinations (yes, even at night!) The infamous black dress is great, but adding color to your look will give you some essence on your night out. Whether it be a pair of pants, a skirt, or blouse, you can choose where to add color to your look. This addition will further uplift your confidence for ladies night.  

Be bold and try an eccentric color combination. Putting different colored pieces together can be a great way to step out of your comfort zone, what better time to do this, than ladies night?

Try this style!

5. Include a fashionable button up blouse

Whether choosing to wear your favorite white button up or trying out a new color, blouses are undoubtedly the most comfortable outfit choice for a ladies night out. Button ups are the ideal piece that can be dressed down for a casual outing with friends or dressed up for an evening dinner. A versatile look that is great for any plan on ladies night!

Button down blouses don’t just have to be your classic white button up! Include a patterned button down for an evening style while keeping your look chic, fun and flirty! 

Try this style!

Ladies night is your time to decompress. As a Boss Lady, this is a vital part to living a healthy life. Although your courage and focus are commendable, give yourself the chance to take a night off. Boss ladies need to have fun too! Ladies night out is all about letting go of stress, throwing on an outfit that makes you feel stylish, and seizing the night with some of your closest friends. Use this time to surround yourself with other powerful boss ladies and captivate your fun loving spirit.

Ladies night is all about fun, and what better way to have fun than to put on an outfit that brings out your confidence? Take our style quiz today!


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