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5 Ways to Make Fashion Comfortable for the Office

After two years of working from home, it is inevitable to want to stay in your comfort zone. From working online in pajamas or rolling out of bed and logging on to meetings, the comfort that came from working from home was a unique experience. However, CNBC reports that more than 50% of companies want their workers to return in person. For some, this push to go back to office life may be a saving grace. For others, it could be a nightmare. Regardless of which side you are on, we all have the desire to bring comfort into the workplace. Adding comfortable additions to your work wardrobe is where we believe fashion meets comfort.

While the comfort of sweatpants was unmatched, dressing for success can be the key to higher productivity throughout the day. In fact, a Wall Street Journal article discusses the topic of dressing for success and the effect it has on productivity. The article reports that “wearing nice clothes may raise one’s confidence level, and in some cases even boost the level of one’s abstract thinking, the type in which leaders and executives engage”. However, who says we have to throw out our beloved comfort in exchange for being fashionable? Being comfortable in your clothes is what fashion is all about! Although dressing for success as a woman in the past meant putting on an uncomfortable pencil skirt, basic blouse, and heels, fashion has progressed throughout the years to bring two-valued aesthetics together to make, “Comfortable fashion.”

So what does “comfortable fashion” consist of? Well, in reality, it’s subjective. You get to choose which styles you find to be the best. It starts with what makes you most confident. Nonetheless, these pieces are undeniably some of the most comfortable fashion statements you will ever throw on. Here are five styling tips that help you feel like you’re in pajamas while strutting a fierce boss lady look.

1. Cotton Everything

According to a Cotton Incorporated’s Lifestyle Monitor Study, 80% of consumers prefer to wear cotton and cotton blends. And for good reason. Cotton “the fabric of our lives,” a campaign featuring celebrities including Hayden Panettiere and Zooey Deschanel, was made to express the joy that comfortable cotton brings. From t-shirts to suits, the fabric is famous for its soft texture in many forms. Not to mention it is one of the world’s most sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable fibers. Including cotton pieces in your outfits can be a testament to our sweatpant days with a stylish twist.

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2. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are your new best friend! Long sleeve, short sleeve, patterned or black–jumpsuits are great for any occasion, especially a day at the office. They appear sleek and professional but give you the comfort you desire. Jumpsuits are infamous for being a one and done sort of outfit. It doesn’t take much here to look like the boss lady you are. With the different styles that jumpsuits come in, it’s ideal for many body shapes and sizes. Jumpsuits are the essence of comfy fashion.

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3. Aline Dresses

Aline dresses are a fan favorite. These are more breathable and versatile than the notorious bodycon office dress. These dresses are a comfortable piece that compliment the spring and summertime weather that is quickly approaching. Aline dresses are ideal for pairing with blazers and overcoats to escalate your outfit. Through the different styles and patterns these dresses come in, you have the opportunity to step outside the box while remaining comfortable.

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4. Wide Leg Pants

The reemergence of loose/wide-fit pants has been prominent in recent years (Thank goodness!) The fit is in the name and these pants are a perfect way to bring comfort into the office. The different fabrics that these pants come in give you the freedom to dress your outfit up or down. When you want comfort, turn to this style to be your blank canvas for a contemporary look.

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5. Matching Sets

In one way or another, matching sets kind of mimic a pajama set, right? This is another easy and comfortable outfit to put together for a chic look. A pantsuit may not be the first thing you think of when you think of comfort, but recently, matching sets have evolved into one of the most iconic boss lady looks. The different fabrics and styles that matching sets come in make it easy for every boss lady to find a comfortable choice.

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Bringing your fashionista vibes to work does not have to be uncomfortable. While we transition back to working in the office, merge what you find comfortable and stylish together. The main point of fashion is to be a modem to express yourself. Fashion is about what compliments your lifestyle as a boss lady. While we step into an era of understanding that it is okay to bring in some comfort to your work life, we can express this change through our fashion choices. A boss lady is a boss lady because she values her confidence. You now don’t have to choose between comfort and confidence, just put them together! 

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