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‘7 Strategies to scale your business from $0 to $5M’ with Shivani Gupta

People, profit and process to scale your business!


Shivani Gupta is an entrepreneur and has owned several businesses, scaled them from $0 to $5M and exited them. She works with SME’s to help them grow.

Shivani is a business coach, a speaker, an author and has worked with over 250 companies worldwide working with them to scale their businesses to the next level. She has presented in 18 countries to over 250,000 people; authored 8 books and coached over 1500 leaders.

Over the last 20 years, Shivani has read over 500 books and worked with coaches across the globe. She shares her wisdom so your business can have clarity and take action to grow.

In this masterclass Shivani will touch on  key principles to help you scale your business:

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