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All You Need to Know about Our New Unlimited Plan at Armoire

Changes are coming to Armoire on November 4th, but before we get in to the details, we wanted to let you know that these changes will not affect our current active members! We know that 2020 has been quite a year, and we are proud to have been a positive part of our member’s lives – and we don’t take that responsibility lightly! 

Our Chief Boss Lady, Ambika Singh, explains what’s happening and why in this video:

We want to thank all of our loyal subscribers and supporters for helping us grow over the last four years. We wouldn’t be here without your belief in us, your constructive feedback, and your willingness to take a chance on a new way of living your lives. We’re truly grateful to each of you for that.  

We’ve decided to make some changes to our Unlimited Plan in order to keep providing you the best service possible – and ensure that we can keep the business viable so that we’re here for the long run. The New Unlimited Plan and pricing that I am describing will begin on November 4th, 2020 for new and returning customers, but it will not affect current active customers.

We are not changing the subscription plans or prices for any of our current active customers. We will continue to honor your current plan, and your monthly (or prepay) price will not change as long as you are an active customer.

For new members joining after November 4th, however, we are replacing the legacy Unlimited Plan with a New Unlimited Plan and price. This new pricing also applies to anyone reactivating a paused or cancelled membership after November 4th. 


Let’s get in to the details!

What is changing?

We’re introducing a New Unlimited Plan to reflect the value of the service and better align with our costs. We’ve also increased the number of items based on member feedback. The New Unlimited Plan will come into effect after November 4th for new members or anyone who reactivates or upgrades to Unlimited after this date.

Plan Details Available To
Legacy Unlimited Plan  $149 per month, 4 items at a time, unlimited swaps Active Unlimited Plan customers who joined prior to November 4, 2020
New Unlimited Plan $249 per month, 6 items at a time, unlimited swaps Customers who join, reactivate, or upgrade to the Unlimited Plan
after November 4, 2020

Why are you changing the Unlimited Plan?

When Armoire first started in 2016, we offered a $149 plan with an optional swap every 2 weeks that did not roll over. As an experiment, we tried an “Unlimited Swap” hoping it would simplify the experience for our members, and it worked! 

That promotion didn’t just help launch Armoire, it helped ignite a change in behavior for tens of thousands of women across the country. We were overjoyed to be fulfilling our mission to make life a bit more delightful for Boss Ladies. Yet, as we scaled, we realized that the cost of serving our average member was making our existing pricing model unviable. 

To make sure we can continue to offer you our amazing “Unlimited Swap,” plan, we need to bring our pricing for the Unlimited Plans in line with our operating costs. We also incorporated member feedback and increased the number of items per case. But we want to be clear: this only affects members who join Armoire or reactivate/upgrade to Unlimited after November 4th. Nothing changes for anyone with a current active subscription as of November 4th. If you want to upgrade or prepay and take advantage of the current, lower rates for Unlimited, you are welcome to do so until November 4th when the New Unlimited Plan takes effect.

Does this mean I have to pay more?

NO! Current Unlimited and Capsule members will keep their plans for as long as they are active. You have the option to switch to the legacy Unlimited Plan at the lowest rates. Switch before November 4th to lock in the current Unlimited Plan and pricing (monthly or prepay). To be clear, you will ONLY pay more if you WANT to upgrade to Unlimited (Monthly/Prepay) and DON’T do so before November 4th. You won’t get a surprise charge on your credit card.

What does this mean if I have an Unlimited Plan?

Nothing is changing for our current active Unlimited members. As long as you are an active member (not paused or cancelled), your subscription stays at the price you are currently paying. If you want to move from monthly to prepay and take advantage of the pricing before the November 4th deadline, you have two weeks! Please see pricing information below for more details.

What does this mean if I have a 4- or 7-Item Capsule Plan?

Nothing is changing for our Capsule plans. If you want to upgrade to Unlimited, you can either upgrade to the legacy Unlimited Plan prior to November 4th, or the New Unlimited Plan after November 4th. Please see pricing information below for more details. Additionally, if you decide you want to go back to the Capsule after trying Unlimited, nothing will have changed for you as Capsule plan pricing is not changing.

What does this mean if my subscription is currently paused?

You have until November 4th to reactivate a paused subscription at the current Unlimited prices. After that, if you want to reactivate or upgrade to Unlimited, you’ll pay the new rate. 

What does this mean if I cancelled but want to rejoin at some point?

You have until November 4th to rejoin the legacy Unlimited Plan. After that, if you want to reactivate or upgrade to Unlimited, you’ll join at the New Unlimited Plan and price. 

What is the new pricing structure?

New Unlimited members (or members that upgrade or reactivate at Unlimited) after November 4th will pay $249/month for the 6-item, unlimited swap plan. There are no changes for any current active members. Prepay plans for the New Unlimited Plan will be $2,630 (annual), $1,375 (semi-annual), and $699 (quarterly) for new or reactivated members as of November 4th. See below for more information.

Monthly Plans Members who join before 11/4/2020 Members who join (or upgrade) after 11/4/2020
4-item Capsule Plan $79/month $79/month
7-item Capsule Plan $119/month $119/month
Legacy Unlimited Plan (4-item) $149/month Unavailable to
New Members
New Unlimited Plan (6-item) Currently available as a $30/month add-on  $249/month
Prepay Plans Members who join
before 11/4/2020
Members who join or upgrade after 11/4/2020
Annual Unlimited  Prepay – Legacy $1,595 (Save $223) –
12 bonus items ($1968 value, $373 saving)
See Annual Unlimited Prepay – New
Annual Unlimited Prepay – New Contact $2,630
Bi-annual Unlimited Prepay – Legacy $795 (Save $99) –
6 bonus items ($984 value, $189 saving)
See Bi-annual Unlimited Prepay – New
Bi-annual Unlimited Prepay – New Contact $1,375 
Quarterly Unlimited Prepay – Legacy $399 (Save $48) See Quarterly Unlimited Prepay – New
Quarterly Unlimited Prepay – New Contact $699 

What if I want to switch my plan?

You can switch plans anytime before 5pm PST on November 4th. To switch your plan please email us at

Which existing plans will you continue to honor?

We will continue to honor existing monthly and prepay plans for anyone that has an active subscription as of November 4th. If you are on a plan before November 4th, it will continue to automatically renew at the pre-November 4th rate.

What if I cancel my subscription? Can I rejoin at the old price?

If you cancel your subscription you will not be able to access the legacy Unlimited Plan and pricing after November 4th.

What if I pause my subscription now or after November 4th? Can I rejoin at the old price?

As long as you have an active (not paused) subscription on November 4th, you will be able to retain your price even if you “Skip a Month”. “Skip a Month” is a new feature that allows you to log in any time before your billing date and skip one month. You will no longer be able to pause for more than one month at a time.

Are you going to make any other subscription pricing changes?

We’re not planning on it any time soon!

How long will my subscription plan and price stay the same?

We can’t say “forever” because our lawyers don’t like those kinds of statements. But what we can say is that as of today, we have no plans to change your plan or pricing as long as you are a current active Armoire customer.

More Questions?

Reach out to our Member Experience team at

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