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Armoire Votes Because… – The Curated Column from Armoire

Hi Boss Ladies!

We’re a week away from a pivotal election in history – for our country, for our children, and for the planet. Regardless of  your political affiliation, or the candidate you prefer, I hope that you will exercise your right to vote. It is what the great RBG would have wanted us to do, and it’s what countless women before us have fought for – and continue to fight for – around the world.

Many of us have been guilty of taking our right to vote for granted in the past – myself included. But 2020 has reminded me, and many of us at Armoire, that when we vote, we’re not only voting for ourselves, but for countless others who will be affected by the outcome of this election. 

We’ve been keeping you informed on social media and via email with information on how to register, where to register, and how to get out the vote. If you have not, we urge you to get your ballot in today – and encourage the folks around you to do the same.

We had a blast participating in Vote Forward’s letter writing campaign with you over Facebook Live, and loved getting Washington Senator Mona Das on Instagram Live last week to talk about why voting at every level matters. Thank you to everyone that attended, wrote letters, and is helping to bring about change!

Vote as early as you can!
Vote by mail or ballot drop box, or line up in person.
Let’s make this the biggest election year turnout ever. 

Here are a few resources that team members at Armoire have found useful:

You can also find a link to official information from your state with a quick search. For those of you in Washington like me, you can go to: 

Signed with hope from your fellow voter, 

Ambika Singh
Chief Boss Lady at Armoire

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