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Boss Lady Cassandra Schwartz uses Armoire as Self-Care in Quarantine

Learn how Cassandra puts on her “Armor” and tackles her dreams!

Meet Cassandra

One of my favorite things about using Armoire is that I can step out of my comfort zone. These coveralls from Wildfang are unlike anything I’ve tried before and I absolutely loved it!

Cassandra Schwartz
She / Her
Seattle, WA
Twitter & IG: @cssndrlnnBoss

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Her Story

“I keep coming back to this Joie skirt. It works well for a casual stroll in the neighborhood, but can easily be dressed up for a client meeting. I’m always looking for items that make the transitions from mom duty to office easy.”

“I started a marketing strategy firm, Partnerd, about a year ago. We work with early stage startups to create their foundational go-to-market strategy. After working with several startups throughout my career, I’m thrilled to help more understand and engage their customers.

I co-host a podcast on coparenting called You’re My Tartle and I’m starting a podcast with my 11 year old son. It’s a fun hobby that lets me try new things without any pressure.

I also send a weekly newsletter called Cassarole, every issue includes a casserole recipe along with updates on my experiences in marketing and running my own business.

It’s all on my website,”

Her Style

“The cutout details on this Milly dress turned a simple dress into something delightful.”

“I’ll take a skirt or dress over anything, every day of the week! With Armoire, I always have just the right outfit for the occasion. 

A good outfit can improve any day. From a sheath to “wow” in the client meeting, to a formal dress for date night and everything else in between: the right outfit strengthens my confidence and has me standing a little taller.

These days, with so much of our lives and the world in chaos, how I show up is one of the few things I can control. Dressing well has a positive impact on my own mental and emotional wellbeing.” 

Her Armoire

“I love the team at Armoire! Whenever I’ve had an issue they’ve been incredibly responsive.

As I’ve gotten to know the stylists over the years they’ve helped me try new styles or trends that I would never have considered. 

They always ensure I’m looking my best.”

Not a rental convert yet?

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