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Business Club Members: Bootcamp


Tuesday 16 November, 10:00am-2:30pm AEST

Join us on Tuesday 16 November for our next Business Club Bootcamp presented by Jess Weiss, Managing Consultant of Human Tribe.

In preparation for this bootcamp (yep, you’ve got homework!) you’ll be asked to complete an online psychometric assessment and will receive a personalised report outlining your own strengths. During the bootcamp with Jess Weiss, you’ll work through your own Top 5 Strengths Report uncovered by the CliftonStrengths assessment and how to understand it. She’ll also guide you through your unique rank order of 34 CliftonStrengths themes, exploring your dominant strengths beyond your Top 5 and helping you understand your lesser strengths (the ones at the bottom of the 34) and how they might play out for you as a business leader. You can expect group discussion, lightbulbs and aha moments as you come away understanding yourself better than you ever have.

About Jess

Jess is the Managing Consultant of Human Tribe, a training and consulting company built to improve the performance of businesses by improving the performance of their people. She is a passionate coach and facilitator who is always looking for what role she can play in the success of individuals and businesses, whether that be around leadership, management, self-awareness, team cohesiveness, personal excellence or any of the other “people stuff”. Jess is accredited in Clifton’s StrengthFinder, Hogan Personality Profiling and Everything DiSC Workplace Behavioural Profiling.


Wait a second – what’s Business Club and how can I access this event? Business Club is our (almost entirely) virtual community for people running a business – whether it be their own, or someone else’s. Through a diverse calendar of activities (like this!), Business Club offers members the opportunity to elevate their business, expand their knowledge  and broaden their network. And have fun! It’s brought to you by Business Chicks after all.


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