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How to create a home office that is equally practical and fabulous

Constructing and designing any space within your home requires the essential and initial step of taking the time to plan accordingly. From sizing to colours, key themes and function, creating a beautiful space which is practical and fabulous starts at the beginning stages of the designing process. Planning is always key! 

Home office spaces are often afterthoughts in the design process, and therefore developing connection and flow from the rest of the home is an important aspect when considering colour, texture and furniture. To simplify the planning process, I’ve highlighted the most important (and often overlooked) elements when creating your dream office space, which looks beautiful and fulfills the needs of each and every member of your home.

1.Think outside the box in terms of making your storage look like a design feature while also remaining practical.

An example of this is the project I worked on in the North Coogee residence, which features a panelled door front and concealed storage with adjustable shelves inside. Organisation is key to function.












2. Gone are the days of the boring laminate surfaces.

Look to introduce features such as porcelain, which gives you a huge array of colours and patterns and are also practical and hard wearing.

3. Overhead shelving features are perfect to use as a styling feature, they immediately draw the eye as you walk into the space.

This also leaves your desk clutter-free and creates a great space to style books and gadgets that you may use from day to day. It creates a wow factor within the room and it’s extremely practical.

4. Don’t forget the hidden cable trays and power points underneath the desk area.

There is nothing worse than a cluttered work area with cords and cables everywhere. A cable cutout and handy cable tray underneath hides those cords with ease and creates a clean area, leaving you far more space to work completely clutter free.

5. Think fancy, colourful lighting and chairs.

No one wants a boring old office chair and standard desk and lamp – you know the ones I’m talking about! There’s nothing wrong with making these a main feature within your space. These small details make the area inviting, and more importantly, a room you want to work in all day!












6. Get bold with colours and textures but also think about the connection to the rest of the home.

You want each space to feel like it is cohesive with your interior scheme, the flow and themes you create should continue throughout your entire home

7. Greenery!

Don’t forget to include plants. Not only are they great for cleansing the air around you, they also really do bring warmth, beauty and soul to the environment.


Styling is that last sprint to the finish line and that one element that makes a huge impact so don’t cut yourself short and forget those key features which tie the entire room together! Details make a huge difference.  Think about your connection to styling, cushion colours, furniture pieces and those finishing touches like greenery. As you move around your home connecting with each element you’ve then created flow and turned your house into a home. 


With 20 years’ experience across a range of industries, Kelly Donougher created her own successful Interior Design business, 13 Interiors. Since inception in 2017, 13 Interiors has grown to operate on a national scale, transforming clients’ houses into their forever homes. As one of Australia’s leading interior stylists, Kelly specialises in transforming residential spaces across Australia. Projects include interior and exterior selections, designs for new builds and renovations, full home furniture fit outs and styling services. For further information, styling guides and a sneak peek into Kelly’s projects, please visit here or contact Kelly at @13interiors @kelly_donougher 

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