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Masterclass Online: Why your website sucks

Are you at the bottom of Google’s search rankings? Are you getting tumbleweeds on your blog posts? Or perhaps your website overwhelms customers or clients with confusing messaging? 

Your website is one of the most powerful marketing tools, yet many businesses treat it as an accessory. It should act as a vehicle for your business, converting visitors or browsers into interested leads and eventually customers or clients. 

In this Masterclass Online, Sheree Mutton will show you how to turn your website into a lead-generating powerhouse. In this masterclass, Sheree will show you how to improve SEO and build your website into a story through clever copywriting and call-to-actions. She’ll also explain the seven deadly sins of websites and how to transform your site into one of your greatest marketing assets.

You’ll leave this masterclass crystal clear on:

  • How to make your website SEO-friendly
  • Practical tools to help you build a solid, authentic relationships through an engaging blog
  • How to convey your brand messaging in a succinct and memorable way through clever website copywriting 

About Sheree

Sheree Mutton is an award-winning journalist, editor and the Founder and Managing Director of content marketing and communications agency, Reeton Media. She’s worked with brands and organisations including Priceline Pharmacy,  Clear Skincare, Ego Pharmaceuticals, Cubic, The Sebel, Destination NSW, AusDiagnostics, Shaver Shop, Chifley and the McGrath Foundation.

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