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#Stealherstyle 4 Maternity Styles Inspired by Ashley Graham

Boss ladies come in all different forms, but one way of being the ultimate boss lady is becoming a mom! Nine months full of ups and downs, creating life inside your body. All the while still tackling the different obstacles life throws at you. While pregnant, more often than not, people talk of the  amazing glow or notice the bounce to your skin. While those things may be true, pregnancy is much more than having the J-Lo glow. 

While pregnant, some women may feel out of touch with their bodies, mentally and physically leading to lower self-esteem. A study from the National Library of Medicine reported that 60% of pregnant women interviewed had low self-esteem scores. Research also shows a significant correlation between positive body image and psychological well-being during pregnancy. 

During your pregnancy, it can be challenging to feel good in your skin. However, choosing styles that boost your confidence is all fashion is about! Use fashion as your way to embrace your new body, and commend yourself on the unique and precious journey that comes with pregnancy. Although difficult, your courage through the journey is a true testament to your boss lady power.

All things considered, pregnancy, to say the very least, is not at all easy. However, one way Ashley Graham has addressed her self-esteem during pregnancy is through her fashion statements! The supermodel, mom, and body activist has been open about her endless self-love journey and her fashion choices during her pregnancies. Graham not only makes maternity fashion statements, but she is also honest with her following about the struggles of pregnancy and motherhood. Her openness about the side of pregnancy many may hide is relatable on a multitude of levels. Graham is THE boss lady to steal your maternity style from while feeling inspired by her righteousness. 

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Show off that bump, mom!

Fashion and comfort? Yes please! Midi-length bodycon dresses are the ideal choice to show off your new curves! Ashley shows off her baby bump with silhouette-hugging dresses made of comfortable and stretchy material.

The sheer overlay gives the dress a contemporary edge, which can help show off your ever growing confidence.

There is a diverse range of bodycon dresses to choose from when you rent from Armoire! Your maternity fashion can be specialized to your liking just as Ashley’s is for her!

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The perfect mom-on-the-go outfit

Jumpsuits are the easiest way to be fashionable in a hurry. Ashley Graham wears an effortless piece that is perfect for an on-the-go mom-to-be. She rocks the classic black jumpsuit, but this piece is a great choice for dressing up or down!

Throw in a pop of color to make the outfit your own during your pregnancy!

Jumpsuits come in a variety of different styles, long sleeves, short sleeves, wide leg or fitted, a jumpsuit can be catered to your liking. 

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Express your mommy instincts with bold patterns!

In a social media post, Ashley Graham discussed how she deals with unsolicited motherhood advice. She stated, “Momma knows best.” And she’s right! Express your maternal instincts with bold prints.

This is another easy, quick to throw on outfit that can be styled with a variety of different patterns. From cheetah to snake print, the bold pattern choices are endless.

Graham struts in a trendy style that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and how you’re feeling! This versatile style allows you to pair with a skirt or dress under a tied-up shirt.

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A mother’s comfortably–fashionable leggings

Pregnancy is never all glitz and glam. Graham makes that well known! Her incorporation of some of the most comforting styles mixed with fashionable pieces is a match made in heaven!

Leggings are a blank canvas to work around. They go with everything while being extremely comfortable.

Contrary to popular belief, you can make leggings fashionable! Put together styles that express who you are as a boss lady! Simplicity can be fashionable when you make it your own.

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Your pregnancy style can be everything you want it to be! The pieces you choose should reflect your bold and strong boss lady personality. Pregnancy is different for every woman, but you deserve the opportunity to choose styles that make you most comfortable in your skin. Through all the changes you and your body embark on, applaud yourself each and every day. During the times that you can’t find your confidence, turn to people such as Ashley Graham for comfort through her relatable motherhood journey.

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