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Wondering what it’s like to attend a Business Chicks event?

You’ve been lurking on socials, clicking through to our events page, adding one of our events to your cart but you’re still unsure if it’ll be right for you. 

We see you and we thought we’d shine a little light (ok perhaps a huge spotlight) on what you can expect from a Business Chicks event. 

Whether it’s an intimate virtual member meet, a cosy networking night at BC HQ, an incredible retreat away from home or a larger-than-life event, walking into a Business Chicks function leaves you feeling all the feels. 

It’s hard to really describe it, but if we had to give it a try it’d be a combination of a big warm hug infused with the excitement of finding $10 under your pillow from the tooth fairy and finding seven nuggets in your six pack – woohoo! 

Often, we’re asked if many people come alone, and the answer is a big fat YES. The Business Chicks community is like no other and if someone in the team hasn’t spotted you and struck up a conversation, another attendee will have beaten us to it. 

Our events are like walking into a function where you’re friends with everyone – it’s just you’ve just forgotten everyone’s name! Plus, we play the best music, have delicious food and wine and our speakers are the kind that leave you feeling ready to kick butt at everything! 

Not feeling ready post pandemic to get out there and socialise? Don’t worry, we know it can feel overwhelming but think of it as a challenge! One quote from author, Kyra Davis, we love at Business Chicks is, “sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones. We have to break the rules. And we have to discover the sensuality of fear. We need to face it, challenge it, dance with it.”  

So, what do you say?  

Come dance with us (we’re really great at the macarena!) at one of our upcoming events. Do you lean a little more on the introverted side? That’s ok, lots of people do (including some people in the BC team), and we’re here to make your experience as perfect as possible. 

 As always, if you have any questions about any of our events or your membership, we’re ready and waiting for you on email at [email protected] 


Will I need to bring a ticket along? 

No need to bring a ticket along, we’ll have your name badges ready and waiting in the foyer. Members be sure to head to the member table! 

Can I sit with my friends? 

Of course! Either book your tickets in one order or be sure to add in your bestie’s name in the booking notes. 

I can’t eat gluten/dairy/meat/duck eggs – what do I do? 

You can add your dietary requirements into the field when booking your tickets 

I need a receipt, help! 

Shoot an email over to [email protected] and we’d be happy to send one over your way. 

What time should I arrive? 

We recommend arrive 15-30 minuets early to give yourself enough time to check in, find your table and settle in before the event begins. 


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