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The Ultimate Sales Workshop with Abbie White


Thursday 21 July 9:00am – 11:00am AEST


Member $289 / non-member $369 

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Masterclass Online

When we hear the word ‘sales’, we don’t know why, but we immediate think of sleezy used car salesmen trying to pass off a car with no handbrake as ‘living on the edge’. 

But we’re here to tell you, sales isn‘t a dirty word and doing it well doesn’t need to come with the trickery of smoke and mirrors. 

We’ve teamed up with sales legend and all-around unsleezy Abbie White to invite you to the workshop of all sales workshops, The Ultimate Sales Workshop with Abbie White at Business Chicks HQ. 

Abbie will reveal what the world’s top professionals do differently to play a high-performance game consistently to help you take your business from strength to strength. 

What’s this workshop all about? 

You’ll learn a whole bunch of sales tips including: 

  • In the era of digital sales, what is working and delivering real results in today’s market?  
  • What do high performers do differently from the underperformers? 
  • Highly practical and realistic takeaways that can be actioned immediately  
  • What is best sales practice and breaking the mould on prospecting 
  • How to shift from reactive to proactive sales 
  • How to stand out in a crowded and noisy market 

Abbie also promises it will be a highly practical workshop that you can immediately apply to your role, which is what we really want, right!? 

Light refreshments will also be available so you can hang around in our Instagramable office for a bite to eat and have a chat with Abbie. 

Let’s destigmatise sales and heck, even let it become something you enjoy doing! 

Be sure to grab your tickets fast as seats are limited. 



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