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The Ultimate Wedding Guest Styles for 2022

Wedding season is upon us! We have gotten to the point of the year where you’ll probably attend what feels like a wedding every week. In fact, the New York Times reported that 2.5 million weddings are expected to happen this year alone. The question posed now is, “What do I wear to all of those weddings?” 

As a wedding guest and boss lady, you want to look chic and stylish while keeping with the wedding theme. Whether that be formal, casual, tropical, or garden, dressing as a wedding guest has endless possibilities. This year, some of the most popular wedding themes are outdoor weddings, garden weddings, modern minimalist, vintage, and rustic weddings. With these 5 themes in mind, we can narrow down our search for the perfect wedding guest outfit. 

Here is THE ultimate wedding guest outfit guide!

1. Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are the perfect time to bring out your fun-loving style catering to the theme. Try out midi or mini aline dresses to cater to the occasion! Floral patterns and bright colors are great accents for the breezy warm weather you can expect during these weddings. Dresses that flow with the wind will give you comfort and style.

2. Garden Wedding

A garden wedding is a classic yet contemporary wedding theme. Stylish delicate dresses are the ideal piece for this setting. Graceful fabrics like silk, satin, and cashmere are the way to go! Try out different lengths and styles to cater to your fashionista side while incorporating some of the garden quality garments.

3. Modern Minimalist Wedding

This trend has gained popularity over recent years and continues to be a trend we’ll see throughout the wedding season. As a guest at one of these weddings, thank the bride and groom for the broad and simple theme that welcomes a simple yet chic outfit. Incorporate neutral trendy colored dresses or undemanding jumpsuits, perfect for a minimalist style

4. Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are a classic yet current trend. Include timeless cuts with trendy colors or combine a contemporary cut with a classic color blend. However, you choose to style your outfit for a vintage wedding, don’t forget to include pieces that embrace your boss lady confidence!

5. Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings are all about embracing the boho vibes and showing off your authentic style. This homely theme is perfect for a comfortable dress that enhances your figure while radiating a wholesome style. Burnt orange, browns, nudes, and deep blues are fitting for the rustic style. 

This wedding season, show up ready to embrace love and joy. Armoire connects both of these feelings with fashion! As a boss lady, there’s always a way to show up graceful, fashionable, and ready for the occasion! Be the guest that shows off her boss lady and shines bright with the different styles you put together!

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